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August 15, 1996
  • Fixing Items For Those who were NOT BLOCKED

    I had an issue with my items from Fredrick after the V patches much like MANY other players. I know I am not the only one who was not blocked and I am almost certain that Nexon is aware that there are people who have still not had their items fixed. However here is my problem. I submitted a ticket about the issue, and then later that day I also talked to live support. Today I finally got my response for my ticket, yet I received two VERY different answers. Attached you can see both the Live Chat response I was given and the E-mail Ticket response. I apologize for the somewhat bad quality on the Live Chat as it was taken by my phone to show my friend the response.
    So now here are my biggest concerns. Obviously I have no way to prove that my item (a Superior Gollux Belt) had the potential that it used to have. I had never taken a picture of it for any reason. However I still know that it was there. It is extremely unfair that Nexon can claim that we are not entitled to our item fix OR any compensation for having this issue because they claim it can't be proved. Yet, if you look at the live chat reponse, the GM clearly states that Nexon knows about this and they are looking for a fix. WHY DO THE GMs HAVE SUCH DIFFERENT ANSWERS? One tells me "We're looking into it" and the other just tells me "Well you can't prove it so..". It is unacceptable that the GMs have given me such different answers. It is also unacceptable that a GM is claiming it can't be proved yet they were able to find out that other players had their items fixed and blocked them.

    EDIT: I do not know why but the images will not load in the post. If you right-click and open them in a new tab they should load fine.
    EDIT 2: The images seem to work fine now.