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  • False Ban Reports 6/22

    Hello GM Ghiblee,
    I introduce myself, I am the leader of the Impera Guild in Bera, before the Guild renewal I was rank 2, and my account was banned by RMT a few days ago, but I got mesos because I am a frenzy service vendor which is not illegal in the game, I accept many trades of mesos per hour service (between 50m and 80m per hour) and, by cast, between 10m and 15m, I would like you to do a new investigation, since in the first ticket I did not mention that it sold frenzy service, I hope you understand, in my country there is no way to receive money online, I could not trade mesos for real money, it is absurd, it is crazy to receive an answer that seems like a copy and paste of another case, especially when it is a such an important case.
    Thank you
    IGN: Abraham
    Server Bera
  • False bans back again?

    World: Bera
    Ign: Abraham
    Level: 257
    Guild Leader of Impera
    On Saturday June 13th at 3pm I was banned permanently doing nothing, I had lag, dc and crashed issues since the last Rise patch. When I tried to get in it came out that I had been banned, I don't train more than 2-3 weeks. It would be crazy or very stupid to hack the game, when I have spent a lot of money on my account, apart from being the Leader of the Guild Impera, we were Rank 2 before the last Guilds Revamp, as it may take so long to solve this problem that has affected to many high-ranking and highly reputable players, I hope you can solve this problem that not only affects me, it affects many players from all servers, I request that GMs stand up and not hide behind an unsolvable ticket , many no longer want to enter the game or spend nx cash in the game for fear of losing everything.