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  • ChairStory V: Design-A-Chair Contest


    The chair you can get once you do your 5th Job Advancement. The stars from Arcane River start shinning to make you feel the new power and giving you thanks for be the new hero who comes to fight with the new monsters and bosses this world needs. The chair is given to you as a bless and a present.

    Preview with character:

    World: Scania
    IGN: Banto
    Most suiting chair for this event so far imo,
    good work!
  • ChairStory V: Design-A-Chair Contest


    In a restless world filled with mayhem, maple world's Heros, Adventurers, Cygnus Knights, and Resistance's Forces have joined arms in attempts of seiging back areas of the maple world that were lost to the Black Mage. Seeking after such a quest, bright and brave minds must come together and develop a plan to defeat the evil forces. Warriors train to better their combat skills. Archers enhance their precision. Mages meditate to seek clarity. Thieves sneak into guarded territories. Pirates, well... they still do what they do best - conquer the seas. However, hard work does not automatically mean victory. The maple forces are missing something else, something out of the ordinary... An epic war is in the brewing, and our heros need all the preparation they can get.

    Engineers from all across the maple continents gather, in efforts to assist in the war. This time, instead of witty gadgets or powerful weapons, they have developed something odd for the maple forces. A chair, it is. A chair so powerful, yet fashionable, and can be recognized to be of our maple heros' by just a quick sight. The "V" Chair, the engineers call it. As all five classes join forces in the war against the Black Mage, it is only fitting for "V" to be part of the name. This, as can be expected, is no ordinary chair. Unlike the colorful chairs in the Cash Shop boxes that are made merely for looks, this one is hand-crafted to allow our heros to quickly recover health in and out of combat. Unlike the excessively oversized chairs from Gachapon that are created for maplers lazing around in Henesys, this one is produced for the brave soldiers in the battle fields. Equipped with seats made of the finest Ligator skins, heavy-duty tubes outsourced from aliens all the way in Omega Sector, paired with drops of mysterious glowing solution found deep in the Aquarium, the "V" chair is a chair for the bravest and wittiest of fighters.

    Unfortunately, the manufacturing cost of the chair does not come cheap. The maple engineers originally made only 100 "V" chairs, and, as some of the owners of these chairs perished in battle, the chairs were lost along with their owners. A powerful chair it is, and greedy are men (and women). Regretful warnings from the engineers have been passed down that even the greatest fighters will risk fame and loyalty for a chair such as these. Those fortunate enough to be in possession of a "V" chair are afraid of being seen by it, and those who have had their chairs be seen by others have... well, they take action before actions can be taken against them. As a result, nobody knows how many of these chairs are left, and little of those who have seen it have lived to tell the tale. Until greed can be eliminated from the maple warriors' hearts, the "V" chair can only remain a legend.

    Fortunately, as of recent, more efficient methods of production have been found. Rumors has it that somewhere in the maple world, a mapler is currently mass-reproducing these chairs at a steady rate at this very moment...


    Yaranzo's V Chair, Black and White
    Yaranzo's V Chair, Colourized


    The "V" Chair consists of 3 main components: the "Base", the "Chest", and the "Halo".

    The "Base" is the seat of the chair. It is primarily made of rare leather dyed black supported by a reliable piece of metal made of Mithril Plates. Directly behind the seat is the lower exhaust, whose tubes have been taken from the aliens of Omega Sector, which is now no more. The solid glass-like structure connecting it to the Chest engine are made from the best Garnets, seated above and below of four rings stabilizers made of the finest Black Crystals. When booted up, the chair emits energy from the lower exhaust, which just barely supports the weight of the person seated (does not include the items they carry, however).

    The "Chest" of the chair is what supports the person's... everything. You can even go as far as saying the exhaust from the "Base" are merely for aesthetic points. The "Chest" is the largest part of the chair: the "V" glass, made from a mixture of Diamonds and Aquamarines, is a hollow body that encases a rare solution found from the depths of Aquarium. The solution is self-lighting, and seldom moves around the case around it. Occasionally, the energy within leaks out of its container, creating a aurora-like effect around the "V". Between the two legs of the "V", there is a comfortable backrest and headrest made of the same material as the seat, with grey decorations on the top and bottom part of the backrest made of sprinkles of Rocks of Time extracts. Behind the "V" is the engine, which is the main support of the chair and is responsible of hoisting both the chair and person above the ground. Seemingly unreliable, this deceptive engine is actually capable of keeping the chair motionlessly still, which have been achieved by the original engineers with a pinch of stabilizing magic. Extending out to the sides are the armrests, and the seater can chose to either comfortably place his arms on the red leather cushions, or instead grip onto the same material that the "V" is made of.

    The "Halo" is what makes the chair. Connecting from the rear of the "Chest", an unknown device sits, projecting a neon-colored hologram of a maple leaf above the seater. Lost in the tales, the exact function of this symbol is unknown. It is only said that this symbol have been known to bless the person seated underneath with unfathomable strength...

    [Submission Information]

    World: Scania
    Name: Yaranzo