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    Tera - Reboot
    The Art Institute of Swordsmanship- Honnou-ji Momijigaoka, Zipangu
    Bachelor of Science in Marketing Media March 2014

    Work Experience:
    Mori Ranmaru, El Nath, Maple World
    Commander for Mori Ranmaru Feb 2016–Current
    • Oversee all facets of the daily operations of the organizational units
    • Assists subordinates in performance of duty and provide guidance
    • Represents the department at business and community meetings, as appropriate

    Trading Post, San Commerci Area
    Export Manager May 2014–Feb 2016
    • Coordinated, handled, and managed goods and supplies to destination
    • Created interpersonal relationships with clients and managers
    • Protected,eliminated and resolved threats to goods while in transit

    Lucid’s Dream Designs, Lachelein, Arcane Rivers
    Marketing Design Associate Nov 2013–May 2014
    • Creating and editing design files in Illustrator and Indesign
    • Editing and color correcting photos for optimal print quality
    • Proof read, approve and promote propaganda campaign based on client’s needs

    Black Heaven, Scrapyard, Edelstein
    Quality Assurance Lead Nov 2011–May 2012
    • Assess quality and production of robots and drones based on company standards
    • Review, clean and finalize production work for quality check
    • Assists management in eliminations of competitions and spies, as needed

    Senior Project Free Market, Maple World
    Free Market Dealer April 2013–Dec 2013
    • Develop and create interpersonal relationships with clients
    • Assess products and goods for quality standards
    • Create, develop, and design new gears and equipments

    Awards and Certificates:
    Magatia’s Alchemist November 2017
    Powermonger January 2017
    Razor Gale December 2016
    Human Enough December 2016
    Epitome of Beauty November 2016

    Technical Skills:
    God of Blades, Multiple Battle Modes, Dark Aura, Management, Properganda, 3D Modeling, Rigging, Animation, Proofing layout, Photo Retouch
    Black Speech,Python,Mel,Bash,HTML/CSS
    Maya, Photoshop, Mudbox, Crazy Bump, 3DS Max, Illustrator, 3D-Coat, UDK & UE4, ZBrush, Flash, xNormals, Unity, Indesign, After Effects, Premiere Pro, nDo2 & dDo, Perforce, GlobalMapper, Microsoft Word & Excel, OBS

    Dear Recruiting Team,

    As an accomplished individual with a rapidly increasing range of experience, I believe I am someone who will be an asset to your company. With strong desire for details and a proven record in the areas of propaganda, killing and understanding of a work production pipeline. I would like to explore the possibility of putting my skills and experience to work for you.

    As you can see from my enclosed resume my career en compasses roles in overall leadership, management and threat elimination. I am the commander for Mori Ranmaru where I overlook and guide the generals in the team, did some troubleshooting issues that came up between teams, as well as foresee and eliminated problematic individuals. I am someone who consistently delivers top quality results no matter what the challenge.

    Among my other strengths, I am proficient in swordsmanship with abilities to self-deploy a dark aura that damages enemies around me. Also knowledgeable in programs like Indesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop. Persuasive, self-confident and effective, my dedication to excellent performance, ability to interact professionally with all levels of personnel and my drive to grow in this field make me a value-added asset to an organization such as this.

    I would be pleased to have the opportunity to discuss the future employment and look forward to speak to you soon. Thank you for your consideration.


    Tera Buffs
    3457 Momiji Hills
    Momijigaoka, Zipangu