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  • Poll: for the future!

    If they made maplestory for ps4/xbox/nintendo , if they do it right. It would bring a nice amount of players on the game. That is unless they give them their own server lol
  • Duplicated Item Removal

    It's all nice and lovely.

    They dupe ? It'S your fault
    You buy a dupe ? It's you fault
    It's a mmo where trading and buying item from others is supposed to be an important aspect..... Nope, screw it, you are about to buy a dupe.

    I've read this and that's how i feel. Well might aswell just delete the market and auction house no ? You can hardly buy anything legit i guess ? I've barely started playing again after 2-3 years. How should i know if im about to buy a dupe after so much time (unless it's utterly obvious like item with way higher stats than they should) ? Guess i'll just keep my crap gear then.
  • Veteran of 12 years finally expressing an opinion

    Well, just watch every game on the market and you'll find one thing they all have in common. They became simple and easyier. When i first played maplestory i was 13 years old(im now 25) and at the time, i could actually afford playing hours and hours and take the time to find people to play with. Now a day? Not so much.

    As far i know you still need a group of people to do the latest content? Sound good enough, old content alway end up easy to farm someday.

    Most boss weren't accessible to the common of mortal in the early days of maple. It was kinda stupid at time how much time one had to spend.

    Monster Carnival was a breath of fresh air, but i've grown bored of it pretty fast though lol.

    When NLC got released, i wasn't playing much anymore sooo yeah.

    I remember when they announced Aran and i was sitting in front of my PC for hours just to create my character and go at it. It was really a fun class(not sure now a day how it look like, since i didn't play Aran for 2 years lol)

    Then the game became more casual and they started to sell **** that gave massive advantage. I guess there wasn't much anybody starting the game anymore and they needed a way to bring people back.

    So yeah, the early days were awesome. But im pretty sure if they made it like it was back then. The game would be already dead. There just that much you can do with a 2D Side-scroller. The story telling never been all that awesome either. And i've never been much of the ''Social guy'' anyway, so it doesn't change much for me(read the guild chat, ask to join, have fun).
  • update problems 9,6GB

    Yeah well i just got the same..... I would tend to think that 866mb was way too small to be true lol