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  • Nexon Launcher

    (FIXED) I had an another problem i tought why not post it here so. I had maplestory downloaded on diskdrive D and also the nexon launcher (the game worked at this time). When i came back it started downloading from the beginning again from 1 mb to 10 gb. I tought there is something going wrong. So what was the launcher doing it was installing a folder called Nexon on diskdrive C i tried deleting this but it kept recreating this folder. So back to diskdrive D my maplestory from 10gb was still there. So i tried to install the beginning of maplestory on
    diskdrive D and copy the stuff inside from 10gb version into the new one. Didnt workout either. (SKIP FOR CONCLUSION HERE) > So what helped me out is: If it says update and it starts updating from 1mb to 10gb (uninstall the game). then it will say download. Cut Nexon folder with the libary folder from diskdrive C and paste it in diskrive D now copy the 10GB version you still have Into Nexon>libary so open Nexon than libary and paste it in there. Now go back to maplestory click on the button that says update maplestory. : that is what worked for me. (THIS IS A SORT KIND OF WAY TO LOCATE THE GAME!)

    PS: Make sure Nexon isn't in diskdrive C

    I hope this will help you fellows out.


  • ChairStory V: Design-A-Chair Contest

    Pink bean used to have an old headset, he was tired of the look of his old headset and he decided to enhance the Pink Bean Headset to a more new better and more futured looking one, so he did. He carried it with alot of happyness it was his most loved new headset, after defeating Pink Bean, he left the Futured headset behind, it was to be big to be used by the maplers as normal headset so we decided to create a chair out of the headset.

    I present you the only futured sexy looking Chair Headset from Pink Bean !

    The ''Floating NeonBeanSet'' !!!
    Link: http://imgur.com/a/8SJ30

    May the mapler be as happy as Pink Bean once was, Carry this chair with pride as a reminder of defeating Pink Bean !!!

    This chair can be obtained from the
    V-Coin Shop.

    I thank Nexon, that i can be part of maple, i made this chair not only because just for the prize but also that i had fun making the chair itself and the feeling i can do something in return for Nexon. I am happy that i can be part of maple and that i can help for once by making a new chair for the maplers and hopefully make them happy aswell, i have alot of fun by playing the game and talking alot with people around the game.

    I want to thank Nexon i had and still have a very nice time on maple ! "Thanks for everything !"

    Here is the gift to you, may the best chair creator win !!!

    Ign: Heroharm
    World: Reboot