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  • Auction house and FM

    You also can't by individual items from a bundle. So if I'm selling 100 item crystals, they would have to buy 100 item crystals. This means that anyone selling in bulk will still use Free Market.
    Actually from what I've seen this isn't the case at all

    For example: Spell Traces.

    On the AH I've seen people selling around 7000-9000 spell traces in one sale slot and me myself only needed around 1000

    The AH allows you to pick how many of what item you are buying (granted it is stack-able)
  • Crusader Codex Upgrade

    * Fix codex drops permanently (including familiar cards. I was at big spiders for an hour today and saw not a single familiar card drop, on a lvl appropriate evan)

    * Fix the problem where it displays each card twice

    * Introduce ways to obtain all Codex cards from mobs in the codex that are no longer in the game. It could be as simple as talking to the Maple Admin and she unlocks all of them in the codex automatically (this would be ideal), or it could be more difficult as long as they are made available.

    * Buff the bonus stats from the Codex. Seriously, as you level it up you get a grand total of +8 All stats (and I think newer players can't even hit level 8 codex anymore, not sure). It should be +1% stat per codex level at the very least

    * Ideally bring over JMS's version of the codex

    * Regardless of bringing over the JMS version or not, update the code behind the Codex such that it is dynamically updated as you update mob data (eg health, experience, location, drops etc....). This will make it so much easier on you guys to keep up with it because you wouldn't have to do anything anymore.
    Thank you for summing up all the issues with the codex and appropriate fixes for them :) im sure @KThxBaiNao will use your post as his suggestion as it was well written
  • [Unscheduled Maintenance] Dec 1, 2016

    This extended maintenance is ridiculous!

    Please invest in some better engineers as your current ones cant solve a problem within deadline