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I´m JaY from Creation Squad.
  • [Contest] Maple Fashion: Design Story

    Space Commander Set (by Djanos from Winda):

    Hat: is like a pin on both sides and has a special ethereal-feather like appendage to it. It's the fashionable touch to the whole thing if you ask me.

    Overall: It's basically what you'd expect a commander's suit to look like in the 1700s (except blue). I wanted to keep this part plain and simple so the whole piece wouldn't look so overdone. I also added some chest/shoulder armor to it to make it look more fantasy-like. Other stuff like the scarf and the gem in the middle of the chest plate were just for aesthetics.

    Shoes: The shoes are decorated with ornate, golden designs to contrast the dark-blue.

    Gloves: Again, I kept the gloves simple to contrast everything else (especially the cape). However, I did add a dash of turquoise to further the colour theme and a golden outline to make it seem more fancy. The glove is fashioned to look like something a general would wear in the 1700s.

    Cape: Ok, this is what ties everything together. The cape is the main player in this because it is what gives it the "galaxy" sort of theme. When you jump, it fans out to look like wings (to make it look more majestic). It has speckles of light in it (like stars) and is essentially a gradient of colour (from light blue to purple). At the end of the cape, the color fades out to give it a magical touch.

    ~Overall, this was fun to make and I don't really care about winning. I just wanted to share a little bit of my imagination that's all :). Hope you guys enjoy it!

    (EDIT: I just realized that using the template may have not been the best idea since using it makes the overall look fat, but just keep in mind that it wasn't supposed to look like that.)