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  • Add NX Familiar items to Reboot's meso CS

    At the very least add occult or master cards so we can atleast reroll epic or unique familiars. This would keep legendary tier a Reg server exclusive and massively reduce the unnecessary grind for reboot.

    Currently about 30 rare familiars and 260 common familiars can be farmed in 1 hr. This would equate to 3 epics/hr. Before this patch you could farm roughly 400 odas/hr and when familiars were initially released you could farm 1000 jr boogies/hr.

    200k nx used on familiar cubing and barely seeing 30% boss 1 time.

    Assuming same nx:meso conversion as red cubes,166 red familiar cards would equate to 1.92b (assuming1.2nx = 12m meso). rolling a perfect 2L could cost billions of meso but even its far less taxing then its current implementation.

    Now lets calculate how long it would take to get 166 rerolls on unique in reboot with the current implementation.

    3 epics/hr, need 150 for 40% chance at unique. So roughly 450 epics for 1 unique or 150 hours and if we want to reroll unique 166 times that would bring it 24,900hrs.

    Even if we just attempted to roll a good 1L on epic, 166 epic familiars would take 55hrs.

    How is this fair? How can players before the patch have thousands of epic familiars where all new players or those who didn't farm before the patch now have to struggle.
  • [Feedback] Post Memo/Patch Surveys

    This would be a welcomed change if the feedback was accepted and acted upon. It really sucks when the game is run as a dictatorship leaving the community powerless by decisions made by devs who don't know their own game.
  • Blaster's Hyper Skill "Cannon Overdrive" is bugged

    Issue has been determined as working as intended

    Bug type: Skill

    Brief bug summary:

    Blaster's hyper skill Cannon Overdrive is currently incorrectly applying the highlighted damage.

    More details:

    The skill description states that it "increases damage for skills that use Ammo by 50%" however in game, bullet based skills that consume ammo are only being increased by 5~10%

    The following links below are of Battle Statistics:

    Revolving Cannon without Cannon Overdrive

    Revolving Cannon with Cannon Overdrive

    The ammo-based skill is getting increased, however, it's only being increased by 8.03%

    Rocket Punch without Cannon Overdrive

    Rocket Punch with Cannon Overdrive

    Again, only an increase of roughly 5% can be seen.

    These results can be better viewed in this table.

    Please Note:

    RC = Revolving Cannon
    RP = Rocket Punch
    Hyper = Cannon Overdrive

    This clearly states the increase to damage that Cannon Overdrive is applying to Revolving Cannon and Rocket Punch.

    Now Cannon Overdrive specifically states a 50% increase in damage to these skills. A flat 1.5x increase in damage with the buff active. Expected results were to be the following numbers.

    To confirm this, I've found Battle Statistics of a Blaster in the Korean version of Maplestory.

    Revolving Cannon without Cannon Overdrive

    Revolving Cannon with Cannon Overdrive

    Rocket Punch without Cannon Overdrive

    Rocket Punch with Cannon Overdrive

    Compiled together into a table.

    It's clear in the Korean version of Maplestory that Cannon Overdrive is increasing the damage specific to what the description of the skill states, by 50%. I hypothesize that in Global Maplestory that Cannon Overdrive is actually adding +50% damage, which is added to Boss Damage % and Damage %, resulting in a much much smaller overall increase.

    I hope this is enough information regarding this bug in order to get it fixed.

    Steps to reproduce:

    Step 1: Use Revolving Cannon or Rocket Punch on a target with 0% damage and 0% boss damage

    Step 2: Record damage with battle statistics.

    Step 3: Review the damage dealt with Revolving Cannon or Rocket Punch.

    Step 4: Repeat steps 1-3 but this time, use the hyper skill "Cannon Overdrive"

    Step 5: Repeat steps 1-5 but with more %damage and boss damage

    Step 6: Compare results. Cannon Overdrive should reflect a 50% damage increase for Rocket Punch and Revolving Cannon.

    Character name: Jucking

    Character level: 253

    Character job: Blaster

    World name: Reboot

    Date and time of the incident: Anytime after patch v205 came out.

  • Changes to Drop Rate Formula Confirmation

    This is a big f you to reboot players farming for 240 droplets. Droplets already average to 1/hr, I don't even want to imagine how long it will take after this nerf. This change single handedly makes me not want this patch to come to live servers.
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