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  • [Announcement] Regarding Kanna's Haku's Blessing

    what do you guys think Kanna's new 5th? it's pretty hard to use it effectively during the boss fight since the circle only going up
  • Look of the Month - June



    IGN: Holas

    World: Renegrades

    Short description of what your character is wearing:
    White Night Horns
    White Night Tattoo
    White Night Outfit
    White Night Sandals
    Snowflake umbrella
    Ink and Wash rings

    What look you're going for (theme):

    The guardian of Hieizan Temple
  • Look of the Month contest: May


    IGN: Holas


    Short description of what your character is wearing:
    Red rose label ring my anroid : Red bow, Battle scar, Priscilla's dress,bloody rose, Priscilla's Heels
    Red Rose chat ring
    Dark Devil Horns
    Brown Aviator shades
    Red casual suit(male)
    Tania Tartan Pants
    Umbral shoes
    Transparent capes

    What look you're going for (theme):
    Story/life philosophy: people will pass away someday but their spirit is immortal. Smile, and be thankful for people who sacrifice their lives for the peace of Maple world.

    Red Style description: The whole idea of this style is too keep hue and lum on the same level, I don't like something dazzling because it will lead to aesthetic weariness after using it several times.
    So this is my red perm nx style, I like red without any reasons.

    Red rose label/chat ring: I choose that because the rose is light red, it can emphasize your character name/word clearly and I like that colour. So choose the perm nx based on these rings' colour.
    Dark Devil Horns: Only Dark Devil Horns have the same level of hue and lum with Red rose label ring. I tired a lot red perm nx hat but only Dark Devil horns fit my taste, it's not big and dazzling.
    Red casual suit(male): this is one of my favorite suit in MS, not only the colour but also the suit is looks nice and clean, can impress others sometimes.
    Tania Tartan Pants: there are only 3 long red pants in MS atm: Bunny-Padded snowboard pants, red-hip pop pants and Tania Tartan pants. So Tania Tartan pants is more appropriated for Red casual suit.
    Unmbral shoes: red suit with black shoes that's really common style in Modern world.

    Transparent cape, glove, capes: again I just want to look nice and simple.

    as for anroid: I don't think i need to explain it, you can see it's perfectly fit with my red style.