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February 20, 1995
  • Nexon's priorities

    Really, we need some GM's that will police Luna, at the moment since the merge i have not seen a single one. In ems the GM's would be helpful by keeping players in line and getting rid of hackers, If you go to Luna and check the Mu Lung maps and the Leafre Maps then you will be guaranteed to find 1 in each map on every single channel going.

    It isn't fair on players who are playing the game and are penalised because of hackers farming meso for their sites or farming stuff from elites controlling the economy which is bad enough as it is.

    As a suggestion: The ToS says that we can't sell nx for meso, was wondering if that could be changed as it was ok in EMS people could get their items if they didn't have the physical money to charge NX or if they didn't have access to it, and it was a good way to get meso without scrolling through the FM looking to merch off people and thats IF you know prices which for a lot of people myself included just dont. Economy in luna is bad and i feel happy when i sell something no matter what its price is.
  • Game Server Time Changes

    Personally, i think using PST for the North American server and CET Central European Time for the European server would be a better solution for both because the NA players are used to PST and its how they've had it and it suits their time zone whereas CET will benefit us EU players for timings especially when it comes to quest related time slots, i really don't want to have to wake up at 4 in the morning to come and play maple story because putting it mildly: it wont happen.

    You can't plan your life around a game and for those of us who work/school that throws us out and we miss a huge part of the day and if you have to wake up insanely early to do a quest or login for that precious medal it makes your day unnecessarily longer than it already has to be. So i think having a time zone that suits both servers separately meeting their needs would be more beneficial.
  • Iphone or Andriod?

    This answer your question? xD
    (I have a plugin to change words)
  • Win a date with OneLetter

    Fancy a trip to the EU for the EU girls? hahaha xD