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  • Black Mage Legion Application - Contest

    "I want my world back."

    "Nowadays, I go by the name Toxin. As for my real name.. I already ditched it years ago."

    "I come from a small village, surrounded by mountains and hills, with farms and lands all around. we had absolutely no contact from the outside world. We had good homes, good food, everyone in the village knew each other, and we always helped the other in need."

    "I lived together with my mother and father. We were one big happy family. I remember always playing with my siblings and bonding together. I remember my father playing with me at noon, and teaching me how to take care of cows and beef, and how to grow food. I remember my mother, reading me bedtime stories at night, playing hide and seek with me.
    My mother was also expecting a baby. In a few days, I would become a big brother! We will have so much fun and we will do everything together!"

    "That would've been the case, if it wasn't for that incident."

    "My village was hit by a devastating hurricane. It left nothing. Our homes, our lands, our supplies, everything was gone. Dozens were injured. We would not be able to make it through the winter."

    "After a little while, a doctor came to our village. He said he will fix everything and restore the village back to what it was, on the condition that we would cooperate with his experiments. Without any other choice, we agreed."

    "We were all giving food and separate shelter. My parents and I were located at the center of the shelters, and the doctor has set his own laboratory a few miles away from the shelters. The doctor then took a group of villagers for his experiments, as promised, and we did not heard from them ever since. Some time went, and he took me into his experiments. strangely enough, he didn't take anyone else with me."

    "The room was covered in black flags with gears painted on them. He injected me with something, and then he sent me back without saying anything. Soon after I left the lab, I heard a loud explosion coming from the shelters. I ran as fast as I can, and after getting closer, I saw nothing but a green toxic cloud where the shelters used to be. without thinking, I entered the cloud and rushed to its center, where my parents are."

    "The toxic should've probably killed me in seconds, but it did not. But the moment I saw both my parents laying dead at the ground... maybe that what death felt like."

    "I scream and panicked, screaming and breathing like crazy. Everything went blurry and hazy. Every time I took another breath, the toxic cloud seemed to have rushed right towards me, faster and faster, more and more toxic."

    "Then, after everything went black, I woke up with a completely different look, and with my newfound abilities. I could intoxicate everything and anyone. I could destroy cities and crumble even the strongest and biggest materials to nothing but dust. But what good are these powers, even everything I know and love is now dead? This is not what I wanted."

    "I didn't recognized it back then, but those flags with gears on them at the lab.. These belonged to the Resistance, didn't they? They were the ones who took away everything I loved for their own selfish reasons. They were the ones who took my world away."

    "...And that's everything. I have these so called "toxic powers". I decided I want the Resistance and their allies turned to dust, and I decided I will bring back my family, and everything else they took away from me."

    "I will do anything you say."

    "I will do anything you ask."

    "Because I know, the great Black Mage could bring it all back, right?"