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  • Upcoming forced usage of Nexon launcher annoyance

    Aggraphine wrote: »
    TL;DR: "I don't like change, so I'm going to lash out over it"

    The launcher's come a long way. There are still issues, but if they start focusing mostly on it instead of having to worry about people who direct-launch the game, then I see no reason to think they won't have those issues sorted in short order. At least it doesn't download the entire game again if you try to launch the game while the servers are down anymore. And any remaining issues it has at this point aren't so bad that simply restarting it or, rarely, your entire computer won't resolve them.

    That's a extremely optimistic way of looking at it lol.

    Problem is that the launcher has been flawed since the beginning, mired with technical issues and compatibility with games. Sometimes it gets fixed, sometimes there was a workaround. But there's always something new or something that lingers for a long time. Annoying, either way.

    For me, MapleStory seems to crash far less often if I launch it directly. Mind that I do have it installed in Windows 10 and on an SSD. I can reinstall it and the launcher on a diff HD, but wouldn't go as far as reinstalling an entire OS just for one game. But what if that doesn't work? What then?

    Also, having played Maple for years and dealing with numerous technical problems from the client, the servers, and everything in between... even I am a little wary that the issues with the launcher right now would be fixed before the March cutoff.
  • Bishop's 5th Job skill is unrealistic!

    From the patch notes:

    Intense Prayer: Creates a sacred area to bless others through intense prayer.
    Level 1: MP Cost: 1000. Duration: 31 seconds. Final Damage of all party members within range: +10%. Periodically recovers 2% MaxHP/MaxMP and clears certain statuses. Final Damage: +1% per 1500 INT up to +51% max. HP/MP Recovery: +1% per 2000 INT up to +15% max. Attack Speed: +1 per 10000 INT up to +3 max.You only receive 40% of the Final Damage bonus. Can be toggled. Cooldown: 120 seconds.
    The problem with this skill is how unrealistic these requirements are for most Bishops. With decent funding, one can get around 2k or 3k INT at around level 200, but an insane amount of funding and NX spending would be needed to get 30k INT to take advantage of +3 attack speed to give to party members. Even worse is that we don't get a lot of benefit out of the buff ourselves, and getting 40% of what is essentially 11 or 12% of Final Damage is pathetic. Most of us won't even be able to get up to 10k INT just for a slight uptick in attack speed (getting Speed Infusion would be much easier).

    In Reboot, meeting those high INT numbers will be near to impossible because scrolls are not available. It's just not doable to push a Bishop to 5th job in Reboot because of this.

    Bishop's Intense Prayer is the most useless 5th Job Skill of the entire set, and I wish those bonus requirements can be adjusted to make playing a 5th job Bishop actually worth playing again without the need to spend copious amounts of NX just to keep up with everyone else...

    TL;DR: Bishop's Intense Prayer's INT requirements for bonus effects is unrealistic for most Bishops, especially those in Reboot. Except if you spend lots of NX.