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October 6, 1994
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  • Look of the Month contest: May


    IGN: Ryuzune
    World: Reboot

    Short description of what your character is wearing:
    • Hat: Big Expidition Hat from Artifact Hunt Event
    • Face: Yummy Candy from Gachawatch
    • Eye Acc: Clear Glasses from Cash Shop
    • Top: Cutie Raincoat from Gachawatch
    • Bottom: Puffy puffy Dress (Female) from Gachawatch
    • Shoes: Pensalir Mage Boots from monsters' drop (Refer here)

    What look you're going for (theme): School theme

    Currently in my area, May is an exam season. ⚡ thundering sound
    If you guys are facing an exam season too, then GOOD LUCK DESU! d( ・ω´・+)

    So talking about exams, I have this imagination where Mir is taking the exam with me but he has been disqualify from the exam just because he DID NOT WEAR HIS SCHOOL UNIFORM. However, we can't really blame Mirmir... the school uniform is just TOO SMALL for MirMir...!!! (ಥ﹏ಥ) or maybe he is too fat. shld i push Mir to have diet?

    Also... is Shinsoo International School a secondary school or high school? If it is a high school, does that means preschooler like me should be disqualify as well? (╹□╹)

    p/S: Do forgive me if I made any accidental mistakes in my entry or in term of writing. I am still an English learner.
  • Happy Chinese New Year 2017

    Hello everyone! I am just recently joined a new game called MapleStory. \(^▽^)/

    I'm only started playing it on the near end of December 2016. So yup, I am pretty late and I am totally like a new born baby in that game. o(≧◡≦)o

    Also, this is my first GFX about MapleStory... so I hope you all like it! ♡(。- ω -)


    I saw a lot of people making a lot of banners and graphics on MapleStory, and also story video animation. I was very WOWed by these artists! Well, I am still new to the game and so obviously, I am new to the graphic area of MapleStory. But hopefully I will learn a lot about GFXing MapleStory and also in the real Maple World.
    Q: How did you get into MapleStory?

    A: I have to thank my friends: Al, Kris and Oreo. They are my guildies name Parabellum. We are originally players from Wonderland Online. However, things got pretty bad in Wonderland Online so my guild (Parabellum) swapped to MapleStory. Well not everyone in the guild is in MapleStory but we all still stay in contact in Discord.
    Q: Which server are you playing in MapleStory?

    A: I am playing in Reboot Server.
    Q: How does MapleStory treated you so far?

    A: So far, it is awesome! I always enjoy a good game with good graphics and stories lines. So yeap, as much as you can guess, I really enjoy doing quests. I really love reading their stories. Although there are still a lot for me to learn in MapleStory.
    Q: Can I use this Facebook Cover on my Facebook?

    A: Sure, go on ahead~☆ ('▽^人)

    (❀◕∇◕)爻(◕∇◕❀)ʚ♡ɞ ᶠᴱᴱᴸ ᶠᴿᴱᴱ ᵀᴼ ᶠᴵᴺᴰ ᴹᴱ ᴴᴱᴿᴱ ʚ♡ɞ(❀◕∇◕)爻(◕∇◕❀)

    DeviantART || iGrafrico's LJ
  • Neinheart - A Discord Bot for MapleStory!

    Looks amazing and sounds like fun. Totally make one of my dreams come true for being able to speak with Neinheart. (>◡<)♡