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Site is broken cant even type a proper bug report

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without disconnecting and having my detailed post be erased.....


  • NeospectorNeospector
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    This sounds like an issue with your ISP/Internet connection. Check to see if your connection is stable, and try clearing your browser's cache.

    The forums have an auto-save feature, so even disconnecting in of itself shouldn't be too much of a hassle. In addition, after typing, you can use CTRL+A to highlight the post and CTRL+C to copy to clipboard, and then paste it in a new post if you're still having difficulties.
  • YoungRalphYoungRalph
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    I will try this. But I have to admit I have a rock solid connection and only ever experience (internet connection?) issues on Nexons site. You log in and do what you have to do and leave the browser open assuming youd like to come back, maybe you are watching the forums, but no matter what I always disconnect and have learned to copy my forum posts as I write them out just in case.