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  • Saying that u got perma banned on maplestpry forums doesnt fix anything at all, so whats ur goal by doing it? O.o
  • I think stuff should remain untradeable on reboot, instead they should make the rewards from maplehood job locked, so u only get items of ur job
  • HHG1 wrote: » While I agree that nobody is being forced to remake their equips to min-max when you can reach Black Mage without these scrolls, the X scrolls are already in
  • StarryKnight wrote: » Is CLP still good? The kish nerf seems to favor larger maps now, maps where you can clear one side such that the other side is re-spawned, and switch back and forth. CLP was hands down the best map in the game pre-kish nerf.…
  • This is the same thing when prime scrolls came out, same complains when meta changes over and over.
  • Aggraphine wrote: » I think luminous is still a pretty solid farmer. Night lord too if you get your range high enough to one-shot with the stars spawned by mark. As for maps, it's either bye-bye station or clp as far as I know. Accordingg to…
  • Arch_Alyssa wrote: » Well it should be a priority, not fair at all that reboot doesn't have access to all of the classes. Especialy if the only reason behind it is "the weapon system doesn't fit for reboot"... How the hell they know that it's not …
  • Kanna if u only have 1 pc, beast tamer or angelic buster if u have a 2nd pc that can kish u, if u want more info google it, theres plenty of info out there already.
  • Fuhreak wrote: » If you have not already, I would seriously suggest getting some kind of adblocker plugin for your browser. They can do more than just stop annoying ads from showing up. It only happens while on the phone(samsunng s6 ) , it doe…
  • Aggraphine wrote: » Are you being redirected to a sus website or do you mean to say that your browser tells you that you may be attempting to connect to one? If it's the former, someone has some serious goddamned explaining to do, and if it's t…
  • Come on come on, lets not exagerate or think of posible futures that no one knows if it will happen or not,the best thing is to wait and see, trying to cause panic and drama doesnt fix anything
  • Sunoel wrote: » So I have a brilliant suggestion that we should allow Zero's in Reboot. I've been on and off maple for a while so I don't keep track with the forums, but why aren't Zero's allowed? I don't see any official threads or news sites tha…
  • Marckano wrote: » JushiroNet wrote: » There's a lot of dead content in this game. Well yeah but not everyone plays the same content, thats why they can do a fast re-code of the area so it looks better and more polished. Its unnecessary to hav…
  • Woulsnt adding more attack speed to them completelly outclass the rest of the jobs? Aince its a hurricane class?
  • Penguinz0 wrote: » "The change allows all players across all times of the day a better chance to obtain these drops rather than concentrating the drops to a smaller group of players. We hope this helps further clarify why certain players may feel …
  • Aggraphine wrote: » It's funny how these memos were started to appease the community in having nexon communicate with them, but as time goes on more and more people are just put off by the borderline doublespeak in a good deal of them. Nobody w…
  • very fun, and cool but lacks some stuff, i left a thread on suggestions mentioniing what it should be improved to be a more enjoyable class
  • Aggraphine wrote: » All platitudes, no results. Not sure how much of the last few memos have been truth or just lies spun to placate angry players. I will say this though, nexon needs to stop touting how many accounts they ban in a given period…
  • Hell no,i dont want those items anywhere near reboot, if you want thise items, play on normal servers, end of thread.
  • I dont understand why normal things like pee or sperm are censored, they are natural things from our body, why censor it? Its not an insult