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  • I don't enjoy the Familiar update

    What familiar update lol
  • marvel and nexon...

    I liked all the content related to cernium , it was insane, and also flicker and ursie coupons events was very good too.
    But this isekai one... idk, nothing is permanent , so i didnt even bother with it.
    Hopefully goblin event is better for leveling.
  • Have you ever been mistaken?

    Some mapler thought i was a guy that he hated so, for some time, he hated me for no reason, after me joining discord he told me about it and that he mistaken me for someone else, and he apologized.
  • Falsely got Banned

    Stop hacking man, complaining here does nothing. What do you plan to achieve here?
  • Nexon's Priority

    WONDERGUY wrote: »
    Fuhreak wrote: »
    WONDERGUY wrote: »
    maplestory wont die. as much as haters and hackers wants it wont happend
    maplestory allways will be around with or without nexon no matter how bad they run the servers maplestory will and is finding the way out

    sure nexon lose servers and regions and act as is all cool but maplestory is around still and will be
    maybe not as good as early days but its about time when they will start listen or someone else take over
    nexon cant just mitigate the problems and keep grab cash to justify "10b market sale worth"

    Hackers don't want the game to die. They profit off of it, why would they want to kill the golden goose?
    "with or without Nexon" last time I checked, Nexon wasn't exactly at the "abandon ship" stage.
    Despite the poor performance over here, MapleStory is still one of the most popular MMOs over in Korea.
    They also have I believe the #1 MMO over in China as well. They're not about to give up the rights to one of their biggest games.
    In order to get your "without Nexon", we'd have to see some serious bankruptcy come out of Nexon.
    That's IF they choose to sell at all. "someone else take over" requires this, Nexon could just let the game die and that would be that.

    Some extra reading for you.

    i dont think hacker make profit maybe few of them but most just want it dead anyway it dosnt matter it wont happend like i said maplestory wont die

    am not sure at what stage nexon are now but like they are trying to sell the company then fail then try to open other games and focus on them fail a bit aswell and so on
    also they close regions /servers of MS
    maplestory is #1 thats why it wont die just suffer from bad care

    combat arms did same suffered intense pain for long time untill
    A: nexon gave it to other team (kinda late but works as we wanted and its full f2p and far less bugs/server issues)
    B :market got new improved modern FPS alternatives to play

    same with maplestory it wont die.
    A: nexonNA starts work on it and listen players
    B: other company will start listen players (i dont think nexon will go that bad like : we are closeing but we wont give the rights to other company)
    C: in worst case nexon refuse all that maplestory MMORPG alternative will show (yes KMS and CMS is doing good even after bad changes lately so this C wont happend any time soon)

    of course they make profit wtf, they sell mesos in websites for real money, they sell items for real money, its a living for some people. Dont you see tthe thousands of botts advertising the websites ?
    If they didnt make any profit off it, why would they hack? It makes no sense.