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  • Beast Tamers crashing often

    Bug type: functionality

    Brief bug summary: Beast tamers will disconnect after doing anything for more than a few minutes

    More details:

    I was browsing reddit and discovered https://www.reddit.com/r/Maplestory/comments/c0p635/beast_tamer_experiencing_excessive_disconnections/

    as a beast tamer main i had to test this for myself ( i had not done anything recently since patch) and it turns out this might just be true. i first tried to do normal cygnus, to try and register shinsoo in the monster book, but in just a few minutes i disconnected. Then, to test this bug, i started training in cavern lower path, and in just a few minutes i disconnected for no reason.

    Steps to reproduce:

    1. Have a beast tamer class
    2. go train, or do bossing (something that takes a few minutes)
    3. see if you randomly disconnect

    Character name: KingFurry

    Character level: 230

    Character job: beast tamer

    World name: Bera

    Date and time of the incident: after the patch, 6/15/2019 1:20 am EDT
  • (satire) Meme Box

    Ok, so i thought of the idea for a new type of reward box, i'll call it the Luxury Supreme Marvelous Box

    Basically this box would be similar to marvel machine / philo books (so sorry, no rebooties here) except, it wouldn't have any of the junk

    I was thinking, the box itself could cost $100 per box, and look something similar to this:

    it could be made out of 24k solid gold and encrusted with diamonds, it has to be the most expensive luxurious box ever existed.

    Now, i know what you're thinking, for something this exquisite, what are the rewards? It would only contain the most expensive of rewards i was thinking the pool of items could look similar to this:

    -Each of the 33 different arcane weapons
    -Each of the 30 different arcane equips (hat/shoulder/glove/cape/shoe/overall)
    -Frenzy totem
    -Firestarter ring
    -Breath of Divinity ring
    -Ring of torment
    -Lucid earrings
    -Permanent Hyper Teleport rock
    -Permanent additional pendant slot
    -Dreamy belt
    -Berserked face accessory
    -Magic eyepatch
    -Cursed Spellbook
    -Battleroid (male)
    -battleroid (female)
    -Outlaw Heart
    -20 starforce enhancement scroll (no level limit)
    -Legendary potential scroll
    -Dark Grin totems
    -50 violet cube pack
    -50 white cube pack
    -100k maple point coupon
    -1m maple point coupon
    -100 Black Rebirth flame coupon
    -Maplefest emblem (legendary maint potential, and legendary bonus potential)
    -Conqueror of the hell medal (medal from EMS, gives +100 weapon / magic attack)

    As far as the distribution rates, just make it all equal, the same chance for each item.

    What do you guys think, for $100 per box would you do it?
  • Ideas for next Crossover event

    we need that frozen crossover
  • Please change one of bt's nodes

    This is simply a suggestion to change one of beast tamers boost nodes. Right now, there is currently a boost node for the skill deep breath, and a boost node for the skill really deep breath. Now, really deep breath is the same skill as deep breath, except really deep breath does more damage. I'm suggesting that the skill boost node for deep breath (weaker version of really deep breath) please be changed to a boost node for the skill Majestic trumpet. For those who may of played beast tamer before, you'll know that majestic trumpet is a very used skill and is one of the main mobbing skills, whereas (really) deep breath hardly ever gets used........ Such a simple change i'd love to see get implemented considering how not only is (really) deep breath such a unused and useless skill, but there's 2 boost nodes for it!


    And here is the skill i would like a node for instead of deep breath
  • Have Hilla Drop azwan coins

    So, this is a simple suggestion i hope to see implemented. Originally, with hilla we had the fight for azwan, and that allowed us to get azwan coins for the 2 npc shops there. well, the fight for azwan is closed (no idea how long) but the npc shops are still there. i personally like the look of the imperial set, and want an imperial weapon but alas there is no way to get the coins. also there are scrolls and other stuff. I think an easy solution to this would be to have hilla drop azwan coins similar to magnus. normal would drop the one type of coin and hard drop the other type. It bothers me especially because i've been trying to collect every obtainable beast tamer scepter in the game (i've gotten bored lmao) and the one from the azwan shop is staring me in the face laughing.