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  • Auction House NX Item Update

    Auction House is back up for use!
  • Auction House NX Item Update

    We apologize for the delay!
    We are verifying the fixes at the moment and will address the Auction House issue as soon as verification is finished.
  • Ban Data from 08/15/2019 - 08/21/2019

    Please see below for the ban data covering: 08/15/2019 - 08/21/2019

    Ban reason: Advertising
    Number of characters banned: 140
    Number of accounts banned: 133

    Ban reason: Hacking/Botting
    Number of characters banned: 83,692
    Number of accounts banned: 70,031

    Full list of banned characters: http://maplestory.nexon.net/micro-site/52519
  • World Merge FAQ

    Freund wrote: »
    Edited : Maybe I need to rephrase my question a bit better. Since MC data transfer over. They didn't mention if our *NEW*Legion System Coin can transfer over to the new world or not ? Because I don't wanna spend like over 20k coins if the new merge resets it. So , my question is the new world merge will reset the coins we currently have by then ? Especially for the other allianced world servers too. That's something I want to know. Or A ) they combine it all B ) who has the highest.

    Sorry if my english is way off, I'm not good at it lol.
    Medontkno wrote: »
    I didn't see any question about what was going to happen to legion coins after the merger. So my question is will the legion coins from every server added up together after the merger since every sever currently has a diff legion system so the amount of coins you have in each server will be different. If you are not going to combine the amount of legion coins after the merger, I would like to know how you would handle this process.

    Legion Coins: All your existing coins in the merging worlds will be combined. :)
  • World Merge FAQ


    We would like to further clarify how the data will be merged for each system as there’s a difference between the game systems.
    1. Legion: The data from the one world (out of the many merging worlds) that has the most progress will be applied to the new world.
    2. Monster Collection: The Monster Collection data from the world that has more data will be brought to the new world.
    If you don’t like the data set that is applied to your new world, please contact our Customer Support team so we can swap the data set with the other world’s data after the merge.
    It will be helpful if you take a screenshot of your Monster Collection progress and share it with us when you ask for the data change.
    3. Achievements: The completed achievements will be saved after the world merge. But due to the complexity of the data structure, there’s a chance that the saved achievements that are still in progress might not be the most up-to-date.

    Would Pride Medals be given to the players in the merging worlds?
    A: Titles will be given to the players who move to the new worlds from the merging worlds. You will be able to receive the title when you log in to the new world after the maintenance. The title cannot be traded.

    Will the character slots and storage slots received from events be refunded as well?
    A: Only the character slots and storage slots that have been purchased from the Cash Shop will be refunded if the amount of slots exceed the maximum.
    But if you have unlocked your slots using free character slot coupons, the slots will be carried over to the new worlds (as long as the total slots are within 50).

    I have 19 characters out of 40 unlocked slots in Mardia, 4 characters out of 14 unlocked slots in Yellonde, 4 characters out of 12 unlocked slots in Chaos, 6 characters out of 12 unlocked slots in Kradia, and 8 characters out of 17 unlocked slots in Windia. They will have total of 41 characters but how many unlocked slots will they have in the new world? (Total Unlocked slots: 95, Total Unused slots: 54 ) Additionally, how many slots will they be reimbursed?
    A: Assuming 8 default slots per world, then in the above example, this player would have 32 unlocked slots in Mardia, 6 unlocked slots in Yellonde, 4 unlocked slots in Chaos, 4 unlocked slots in Kradia, and 9 unlocked slots in Windia for a total of 55 unlocked slots excluding the default ones. In the new world, this player would have all 50 character slots fully unlocked and they would be reimbursed with Maple Points for up to 13 Extra Character Slot Coupons if the player purchased any from the Cash Shop. This player would also immediately be able to create up to 9 new characters in the new world.

    A player has more than 50 characters and the rest are hidden. If our character slots increase for the launch of a new class, does the first hidden character (51st character) become visible or are the hidden characters still hidden and the 51st slot is empty?
    A: Until January 2020, if you obtain any empty slots, a special UI will automatically pop up so you can select the characters you want to display on the character selection screen. After January 2020, the next highest leveled character will be automatically displayed. If you have more than 50 characters and want to create a new character, you have to remove your unused characters until the total number gets to 49.

    We apologize for the delay in posting the answers to your questions.
    It took time for us to double-check and confirm if all the information is accurate before sharing with the community.