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  • Jett buff feedback from a Jett main [7/24/19]

    Meow, in today's patch I want to cover how dissappointing the Jett buffs from today's patch were. I will start with the patch notes themselves. In the patch notes, for some reason Nexon listed all the beast tamer skill delay changes, but did not list any for Jett. Why is this? Why can't they just release the numbers on the patch notes for both classes? They also said in the patch notes "You’ll now receive an additional Skill Point at 2nd and 3rd Job Advancements. All players who have a Jett character at the time of the update will receive 1 extra Skill Point during the maintenance." One of Jett's many glitches is that she has 5 extra skill points in the 4th job tab. After the patch I gained 3 skill points in the first job tab. So existing Jett players did not receive an extra point in 2nd and 3rd job if that was what was intended, they probably just put them all in 1st job without doing any testing at all. This is not a huge issue but I am stating it because it is not what the patch notes made seem like would happen. Now I will go through every single change listed on the patch notes and give feedback on it.

    1st Job
    "Starline One: Fixed to reduce the time it takes to cast another skill." This is a good change, but Nexon messed up and it kicks your character with an NGS detected is what I have heard. Once that is resolved then the skill will be a good change IMO. I also haven't touched this skill yet because I heard it was doing the crashing. But from other player's, they said that it is very fast and good. Giving this change a 4 star until it gets fixed to not crash then I will say, 5 star.
    "Space Walk: Greatly increased jump range." This was very very much needed and I think every Jett is satisfied with it now. I think it is close to or better than it used to be because vertically it works now too. This was probably the best part of the buff. Giving this change a 5 star.
    "Galactic Might: Functionality has been added where Defense is increased by 270." Completely useless change because defense is no longer relevant in MapleStory at all. Maybe for the very new players that come to Maple and have the misfortune of starting with a Jett and have absolutely no gear or potions this could help but I am assuming that is so small of a number that it will not be appreciated by any player in the game. Giving this change a 1 star.

    2nd Job
    "Starline Two: Fixed to remove the time it takes to cast another skill. Fixed to make jump shot possible." I tried this skill for a little bit and it seems pretty fast. It probably helps with 2nd job training for some people. So pretty good change here. Giving this change a 5 star.
    "Cosmic Shield: Removed Combat Orders effect. Functionality has been added where Defense is increased by 255." I don't know if the first part was saying that combat orders used to work for this skill, I never noticed it. and the last part same thing as the galactic might change pretty useless. Giving this change a 1 star.

    3rd Job
    "Starline Three: Fixed to remove the time it takes to cast another skill. Fixed to make jump shot possible." Just tried this skill and it seems really fast and it can be used while jumping to go to other platforms really fast. I think this can be useful for transversing maps and I'm sure its good in 3rd job as well. I'll give this change 5 star.
    "Cosmic Upheaval: Fixed to remove the time it takes to cast another skill." This I am very dissappointed with because I did not notice any changes in the delay after using the skill. If they put the delays on the patch we would be able to know if it was a super small decrease in delay but we won't know if that was what was intended or if it is a glitch that it doesn't seem any different. I will say 1 star, I hope we can get some official feedback from developers on this one to know what is going on with the skill's post delay.
    "Slipstream Suit: Removed accuracy-related stats. Functionality has been added where Final Damage is increased by 22%." 22% Final Damage, very good buff. Not much else to say 5 star rating here.

    4th Job
    "Starline Four: Fixed to remove the time it takes to cast another skill. Fixed to make jump shot possible." This skill definitely is faster, I don't really see where you'd want to use it in the air but the choice is there if you want to now I guess. 5 star here for reducing the delay.
    "Backup Beatdown: Expanded attack range. Fixed to make jump shot possible." I think Backup Beatdown is already pretty worthless to use in general, there were no number changes to this so it doesn't really help much. I did not notice a huge range increase but it is slightly bigger. Jump shot can help but for the most part it is not very useful. I will give this change a 2 star because the skill sucks still but it got a little better.
    "Starfall: Reduced cooldown and MP cost." Boy oh boy... so this skill went from a 60 second cooldown to a 50 second cooldown. Keep in mind every other classes ultimate like this skill have a 30 second cooldown. Did the developers just decide to really meme here and not even match the 30 seconds that every other class has? Also, this skill has no node still (even though it would be useless since this skill is trash). 0 stars!!! Nexon didn't read any player feedback here or use common sense when applying this buff.
    "High Gravity: Changed to a party buff skill." Pretty good change here. We now can give 50% KB reduction to party members. 5 star change.

    Hyper Skills
    "Singularity Shock: Expanded attack range and reduced the time it takes to cast another skill." I did not notice any delay decrease on this skill similar to Cosmic Upheaval. I tried it out a few times and did seem to notice a slight increase in the range of the skill. Once again if the delay decreases were listed in the patch notes for Jett we wouldn't be in the dark about whether or not it is a glitch or just a tiny delay change that no one will notice. 1 Star for not knowing whats going on with it
    "Rising Cosmos: Changed so it would apply to all party members regardless of job." Decent change that gives Jett a little party boost. 5 stars.
    "Bionic Maximizer: Increased MaxHP from 40% to 50%." Useless but meh whatever. 1 Star just because it won't help any players in any way.

    Overall thoughts on the changes that were implimented: The starline changes are nice for the people that use them, I personally don't use them in any realistic circumstance but if it comes out that they are good for bossing then I will try them out. The most dissappointing changes are Starfall for the bs CD becoming 50 seconds, instead of at least 30. (Just give us 0 second starfall for dealing with all this lul) Cosmic Upheaval and Singularity Shock both said they got a delay reduction in the patch notes but this was not noticable. The 22% final damage is very good and helpful. Defense and HP buffs completely useless. I think some of the feedback issues could be if Nexon had put the delays in the patch notes for Jett, like they did Beast Tamer. I want answers on why they didn't in the first place. Why release one without the other? The last thing I want to say is that NONE of the bugs got fixed in this buff. Including the infamous Maple Warrior cast delay still being there. Nexon attempted to fix this but failed a bit ago and has since forgotten about it it seems. There are also missing nodes for starfall (not that it matters), strikeforce showdown, and the directional attacks of spacial shift. I think that Nexon should edit the patch notes to include all of the new Jett skill delays and fix the bugs that have been here for years. I even recall Savage Ace stating in a livestream that whenever Jett changes would be made, they wanted to include the missing nodes. Or something of that sort at least.

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