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  • Is it possible?

    132 spaces need to be filled total to get BD%, Crit Damage%, IED% maxed. Seeing as you used 12 for archer straight pieces and each outer is 40 for 120 total of the 3 outers. You will need 8k legion in order to fill them all as you will have 36 members.

    For math purposes: You need to get a bunch of characters to 200 in order to fill 132 spaces at 8k.
    All S: 36 x3 = 108
    All SS: 36 x4 = 144
    If you want a perfect 132 with lowest amount of members, you need 33 level 200s (33x 4 = 132) to fill all 3 outers and then other 3 attackers can be placed somewhere else.
    This is assuming you have 0 level 250s.

    31 members at 7.5k is not enough even if you got all your chars to 200. 31 x4 = 124, leaving you 8 short, unless you decide to level 8 mules to 250 for 5 block pieces.

    30 members at level 200 (30x4) = 120 filled (not enough as you start in middle and need to use some spaces to get to outer grids.
  • Removal of /Find command + Teleport rock option

    Hiya, I can also agree with not bringing in this change since removing the command will only make tracking down botters and hackers a lot worse for us. We have forwarded this concern, thanks for your feedback. :)
  • Server merge>Server change

    Developing maplestory doesnt take much talent or money.... that's foolish to think. Funny how i make valid points they delete it and ignore the good points because i just brought up their more successful competitors whom sell their own product better than they do. Give maps map owners so no one can KS if someone gets their first. More channels so we have room. Simple WOW!
    Legacy servers pay for ads on youtube and make profit. Just saying. The market is pretty big for unnofficial servers, cant imagine an official.. go ahead sensitive insecure moderators delete this comment as well.

    We don’t allow private server discussion. Stop spamming and avoid derailing the thread any further. Thank you.
  • Unable to Access Magipie Shop

    Hiya, we are aware of new year coin shop not working in certain worlds.

    From what we gathered so far: Reboot, Luna, and Bera are currently not working. If there are any other worlds that are not working, feel free to tell us. We have forwarded the details over, thank you for your patience. :)
  • Help me!! How I can avoid the Hilla's cage ???

    Hiya, Status Resistance has been changed in the V update that it does not make you immune to status resistance anymore and instead reduces the duration depending on how high you raise it. Hilla's cage will no longer be able to be blocked with status resistance.

    Instead you have to use certain skills that allow you to either be immune to them. Heroes will if you time it right as she casts the cage, gives you 3 seconds of immunity to status.

    Shades themselves have their level 170 Spirit Incarnation, which makes you invincible when you hold it down for max of 8 seconds.