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A Website for Comparing Maple Gear

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This is still kinda on-topic but not sure where to post this. Is there a website that allows me to build my current gear, and compare it to different gear? To explain, I have a really nice claw on my NL (Raven Horn Chaser Claw the bonus from scrolling is +80 on attack) but I want to see how it would stack up against the Fafnir claw. Looking at a clean Fafnir claw, my claw is a ton better, but I wanna see which would be better after getting the Fafnir claw scrolled and Star Forced up. I really don't feel that that additional dmg to Bosses makes the upgrade worth it specially since the Fafnir Claw is stupid expensive (I'm unfunded, don't judge me!).
TL;DR Is there a website that allows me to side-by-side compare current gear with other gear including scrolling/star force upgrades?


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    Depends on your current Claw, a Prime scrolled Claw is a lot of extra attack but the key is to also get potential and bonus potential on the weapon.
    Just depends on what you prefer some people prefer having 2-3 sets of gear one for drop rate one for training and one for bossing.

    So, Your possibly better off saving up if you can't afford a new Claw a Primed Claw gives +10 w.att +10 m.att 10x plus a Fafnir weapon has a set effect when you have the full fafnir set.

    Currently the best gear would be the gear you could get from fighting lucid but honestly Fafnir gear is just as good and if you don't have the money or funding to get that kinda stuff better off trying to get it overtime.

    But Your idea gear would either Sweet Water set or Fafnir set and then potential and bonus potential If you in the future get funded you might wanna have a Claw for Bossing and Training so look for a Claw or make a Claw with 24% attack and one Claw with Boss Damage