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Locked out areas

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Maybe a developer or admin can give some insight on this, but, will any of the current locked out areas like Neo-City, Omega Sector, etc. be returning any time soon with updates or at least the areas unlocked so we can complete our card sets and such activities? Also there are a few lingering quest lines that deal with NPCs in these areas.


  • AKradianAKradian
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    The areas that have been returned so far, were completely revamped with new mobs, NPCs, and questlines. So there is no hope of completing Codex sets or quests in the future.

    Omega Sector is up next. It's already been reopened in KMS, so we should be getting it in new time.
  • NeospectorNeospector
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    As AKradian and Alexandre said, these areas are set to be revamped in the future.

    Kerning Square (now named Kerning Tower) is set to reopen in the next foreseeable update, barring region-exclusive content or changes by GMS.
    Kerning Tower is level 145+, and includes brand-new mobs, NPCs, quests, and rewards for these levels.

    Omega Sector comes after this and arrives in the BEYOND update, slated approximately 6 months from now.
    Omega Sector will be level 165+, and the storyline will be focused on the Mesorangers.

    Although not part of the closed areas, an additional update to Fantasy Theme Park was made, again 6+ months from now.
    Level 120+

    KMS has mentioned that while they're working on revamping these areas (like you can see) and they're behind schedule, these areas are not the main focus and may only be released sporadically.
    Additionally, since the Crusader Codex is originally JMS content and specifically our current GMS Codex is a pre-revamp version of JMS's, it's incredibly unlikely these areas will let you complete your book, short of a massive revamp to the system. Possible, but I wouldn't rely on it happening.