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1 Hit Kill Inferno Wolf (Giant Potion)

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Hello! Today, I activated one Giant Potion to test, and at the same time, one Inferno Wolf portal appeared, and I got into it. I just hit the Inferno Wolf and he died...
But when I got on the map I was already pushing the attack key quickly, and I did not see if there were players inside that killed the boss, because I could not even see the boss's life, if he was about to die or not. So please see if giant potion kills inferno wolf with a hit only, and if that's the case, please fix it. Thank you, apologies, I did not know this would happen.


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  • QuickDrawerQuickDrawer
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    wolf prob was at 1 hp
    rip wolf 2017-2017
  • DaisukeHarutoDaisukeHaruto
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    well I liked using 'Rune of Might' right next to the Inferno wolf before entering, didn't do as much damage as normal but it was funny getting comments like "Watch your step!" or "WTFBBQ HUGE MAPLER" after we were pulled out of the den to collect rewards.