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Guide To The Threads Of Fate


  • StarrySWolfStarrySWolf
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    I want huggle Takeno and Kamaitachi XD so cute although kama has a scythe :o
  • StarrySWolfStarrySWolf
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    also what do I do with sukaras treasure (the little girl's doll as a promise to met kurama again)
  • StarrySWolfStarrySWolf
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    also does ninja castle stillexist :o just wondering caus eI couldnt find it last time
  • liljayyyyliljayyyy
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    Any info on how long is it before the closeness drop if you don't keep any interaction with them ?
  • PhoenixKumoPhoenixKumo
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    x3JAYy said:

    Any info on how long is it before the closeness drop if you don't keep any interaction with them ?

    Closeness will drop by 3 per day of no interaction after you reach over 50 closeness. On or below 50 closeness, closeness doesn't drop.
  • Relic118Relic118
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    Talk to Takeno:
    Talk about Keno -> Seems Lonely -> Not true, has you

    For 3 points
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    Kamaitachi won't accept Canopus Hat (110 pirate hat).
    Kurama won't accept bronze arrows for crossbows, but bronze arrows for bows will work.
    Edit: Nue accepts Very Special Sundaes.
  • AkihikoT_AkihikoT_
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    not to necro or anything, but where is the thread of fate window now? I can't find it.
  • IvangoldIvangold
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    @AkihikiT_ Shouldn't it be in the light bull? the first few options overall
  • shavitshavit
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    ABCZZT said:

    Kamaitachi won't accept Canopus Hat (110 pirate hat).
    True. I can't find items that Kamaitachi will accept and fighting Tengu every day seems like a hassle just to keep mine on 100.
    Anyone knows what to do?
  • BlisslesBlissles
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    Do you happen to know how to lvl up the actual wings (cape) to get the extra 20 atk and magic atk at lvl 150?
  • TigrgrTigrgr
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    Help T.T I set the wrong combination on my Wings and I scrolled them already.
  • NeoGilNeoGil
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    Does closeness decrease even after reaching 100?
  • AuraizerAuraizer
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    3+ Closeness
    Izuna - hobbies > favorite thing to do > how you met Takeno
    Takeno - Kino > alone > always been there

  • rizariza
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    Sqamp wrote: »
    Guide To The Threads of Fate

    This guide is a work in progress and is continuously updated with the help of the community. Pictures coming soon!

    After completing the Mushroom Shrine theme dungeon, you can then raise the closeness of a number of NPCs that will allow you to use a skill once you reach a high closeness. To open the Threads of Fate window, you need to click the book icon on the left side of your screen, then click the mushroom shrine icon, followed up by clicking [Threads of Fate] Unraveling the Threads of Fate.

    Talk to the NPCs in this window to gain closeness, and depending on how interesting the conversation is you will earn anywhere from +0-+3 closeness. Talking is limited, so you can't simply talk to them over and over to gain closeness. You must wait 1 full hour to speak to the same NPC. Also in the threads of fate window you can give gifts once daily to receive 3 closeness. You can equip up to 3 of these NPCs to gain stats on your Wings of Fate. Double click the NPCs while in the Threads of Fate window to equip them and their icon will appear in the area below. There are a couple of gifts that I don't know because I haven't unlocked them and JMS translations didn't provide useful info.

    Mushroom Shrine Gifts:

    +3 Closeness daily

    Kino Konoko - Dolls from the mushrooms nearby Mushroom Shrine, they're called Sakura Mushrooms though they look like regular orange mushrooms.
    Takeno Konoko - White, Red, Orange potion, or Elixir
    Tengu - Opal Ore, Garnet Ore, Emerald Ore, or Aquamarine Ore
    Kamaitachi - Blue Dragon Hat, Pirate Hat, Thief Overall, Bowman Shoes, or Mage Gloves; all must be level 110-120 not any higher or lower.
    Kurama - Regular arrows from NPC shops, Bronze Arrows
    Ibaraki - A level 4 alchemy potion that enhances str, dex, int, luk or def; ex. Defense Potion IV, Strength Potion IV, etc. Any of these will work.
    Nue - (Need 50 closeness with Ibaraki to finish the quest to unlock him.) Ramen from the NPC shop in Mushroom Shrine, Melting Cheese OR Reindeer Milk
    Yorozu - Twisted Time, Alchemist Stones, Intermediate Item Crystals
    Kubinashi - Lv120 Weapon (Warrior, Pirate, Demon weapon; accepts Briser Grim Seeker, may also accept the Briser Swords)
    Izuna - Alchemy Flowers, Mandarin flowers confirmed to work

    +3 Closenesss In Every Conversation:

    It's important to note that once you reach 50 closeness, talking will no longer give closeness. I will be listing the conversation options in order. The first conversation choice for each NPC will have 2 choices. If you don't get the first choice listed below, press Esc and start the conversation again until you get that option. Can repeat the same conversation hourly.

    Kino Konoko - Mushroom shrine > Why doesn't Takeno come outside > I heard there were rumors OR Takeno Konoko > You really care about Takeno > Bread was safe
    Takeno Konoko - Hobbies > By yourself > Comb your sister's hair
    Tengu - Things you like > What does Yorozu like > So I've noticed
    Kamaitachi - What sort of things do you like > Zipangu's beauty > Do you get many dates
    Kurama - What you hate > Afraid of > Not everyone's going to like you
    Ibaraka - Kamaitachi > Secrets > Were any other Yokai involved OR Human world > Likes about human world > More human than many humans
    Nue - Likes > Takeno > Love at 1st sight OR Let's talk about Kubinashi > Let's talk about Kubinashi's past > Not even about her past as a commander
    Yorozu - Tengu > Relationship > Fond of him
    Kubinashi - Hobbies > What she does when she was alive > Good at sword
    Izuna - Dreams > What's her dream > Yokai living in mushroom shrine

    Adding these as they are found.

    After You Reach 50 Closeness

    After reaching 50 Closeness, your options are limited. You either give daily gifts for 3 closeness or you can do Tengu boss runs (or you can do both). Closeness decays by 3 each day even after you reach 100 closeness. Each Tengu boss run gives 3 closeness to an NPC of your choosing, and you can do it up to 5 times a day. That's 15 closeness per day. Tengu runs take time, though, so it's best to do them with a party. One run for me, without any missed action prompts, takes about 10 minutes. That means it would take 50 minutes or more to max out your daily Tengu runs. I would try to find one or two people to go with you on Tengu runs so that they are finished quickly.

    NPC Skills Received At 70 Closeness

    Kino Konoko - Summons Kino for access to a special shop. This shop has potions and scrolls for the Wings of Fate. The scrolls are: 100% success rate for 5 all stats, 50% success rate for 7 all stats at a 50% boom rate, 30% success rate for 10 all stats at a 100% boom rate. You can only buy 1 of each scroll. 24 hour cooldown. Shop does not reset after cooldown.
    Takeno Konoko - Uses bamboo to recover 100% of your HP and makes you invincible for 5 seconds. 30 minute cooldown.
    Ibaraka - Attacks, dealing 5,000,000 damage over 5 seconds. 30 minute cooldown.
    Kamaitachi - Summons Kamaitachi to let you send a message to everyone in your channel. 24 hr cooldown.
    Tengu - Buffs you and everyone in your map for 20att/m.att for 1hr with a 24hr cooldown
    Kurama - Strikes to instantly defeat 20 enemies in the map. 30 minute cooldown.
    Nue - Shows range of those nearby. Just like in the stat window, this caps at 2m and you can't see any numbers above that. 24 hour cooldown.
    Yorozu - Places 5 traps, monsters that touch the traps are stunned for 5 seconds. 30 minute cooldown.
    Kubinashi - Summon Kubinashi to teleport to another location. 24 hour cooldown.
    Izuna - Ignore DR for 5 seconds. 30 minute cooldown.

    Wings of Fate Stat Combinations

    List of all combinations Not sure why this link isn't working, but you can find the list on southperry.

    The best combinations:
    All of these effects occur at 100 closeness with all 3 characters. Anything lower than 100 closeness will yield a lower stat. Get your desired stat combination below and maintain 100 closeness with the 3 chosen NPCs by giving daily gifts and you're golden. Disclaimer: none of these numbers are confirmed. I got these numbers from the JMS version of this event, and GMS may have changed these numbers.
    Kino Kinoko + Kubinashi + Yorozu - 4% all stats (the other %stat combinations only go up to 3%)
    Kino Kinoko + Izuna + Yorozu - +20 Atk, +20 M.Atk
    Takeno Kinoko + Nue + Izuna - +10% Max Crit Dmg
    Takeno Kinoko + Nue + Yorozu - +10% Min Crit Dmg
    Kamaitachi + Nue + Izuna - +5% Atk
    Nue + Kubinashi + Kurama - +8% Crit Rate
    Nue + Kubinashi + Yorozu - +8% Ignore Monster Def
    Nue + Izuna + Yorozu - +5% Boss Monster Dmg
    Kubinashi + Kurama + Izuna - +5% M.Atk

    This guide will continually be updated as other information is discovered! Special thanks to the people of basilmarket for helping me compile this info thus far.

    This is a good guide and thx for information ;)