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Will Eluna be a recurring event?

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Like the title says, I was wondering if the Eluna event will come back. Is it going to be like Sengoku Leaf High where it comes back every now and then? I really like this event and it really helps out with leveling up characters for Legion. I haven't leveled up this much since Wondroid. I also like the Gift of the Ryuul damage skin too. It looks pretty, though I wish it was permanent (the coupon). I was thinking about putting it in storage, but it'll just expire as soon as I take it out anyway. I wanted to save it for Illium. What with him being a crystal mage and all, I thought it'd be a perfect fit. Can there be a change to make the coupon permanent? If anyone knows if it will make a comeback, I'd love to know that way, I can just do it on Illium when he comes out in GMS. I don't remember seeing anything about it being recurring content, but I think it'd be a waste to have it not be one. I wasn't sure what thread to post this on, so I thought the suggestion one would be the best fit. Maybe I'm the only one thinking that this event should return or I'm just thinking too far ahead in the future, but my point still stands.


  • AKradianAKradian
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    Nexon never tells us which events are one-off and which will recur. They probably don't even make the decision until after an event has run once and they see the results.

    I hope Eluna will come back, not just because it's great for leveling, but also because it seems there was quite a bit of development effort put into it - maps, mobs, quests (throughout Maple World, not just in Eluna Prime) - and it would be a shame to have it all go dormant in the files forever.
  • iluvsuniluvsun
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    I hope it comes back I actually like this event and it is very helpful for leveling mules and what not but I do like eluna prime a lot and it would be a shame for it to buried under files forever
  • PirateIzzyPirateIzzy
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    I hope it does, but only if they fix the lag/multiple dc issues caused by it. I'd also like Wondroid to return, but that's neither here nor there.