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Changes to Drop Rate Formula Confirmation


  • DarkPassengerDarkPassenger
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    edited August 2017
    I dismissed it and even mentioned I'll dismiss arguments when theyre incorporated with passive aggressive tactics and insults. but to me said person was getting emotional. They all were. once the insults start flying out there, theyre not in a rational state.

    what youre doing would be admirable if this were a proper venue for debate, it's a public forum. Obviously with rules, but I didnt break any rules. I didnt name call, I didnt misrepresent any information, and I didnt impersonate any moderator nor admin. Anything else may been a web I spun but no rules were broken on my part.

    had they taken a step back, all I was doing was presenting different possibilities for their reasoning which should be done in any debate, which you claim this was or wasnt after a while.

    or would you rather go to a debate and hear a one sided argument where everyone agrees? Itd be different if this were politics or scientific, but it isnt. fallacies of logic, which is in a 101 class as well, I still have my book, dont bind the "debaters" as much as in other categories.

    You are correct, you never broke any rules, but this wasn't about the rules. I don't get your hang up with that part. I'm not interested in whether you broke any rules on the forum, I'm not accusing of such things. What i am accusing you is arguing in bad faith against PirateIzzy and possibly others ,since you don't deny you did once. I would like to mention that maybe should take into consideration other peoples full POST instead of summing their entire paragraph into one sentence then clashing with that.

    No no, you claim their passive aggressive tactics, now provide the evidence. I went into FULL detail how his post is COMPLETE LOGIC. An insult does not add or detract from a logical argument, only ad hominems do, and he did not do that. It was pure logic. Also Izzy's posts is the first insult you came across, but it also the posts that contains the most logic, so your excuse does not apply to his, maybe to the others but not his. This is a debate for me, doesn't matter it is for you, I'm going to analyze break down your comments, and point out flaws on how they are wrong.

    While you are correct fallacies don't equate to being wrong, they do equate to having weak arguments which is what i've been stating throughout the thread. Your dismal of others arguments were fallacies at worst, and simply uncharitable behavior on your part at best. You only really provided 2 arguements for the changes, which i noted, one is barely counted, while the second i commended you for putting forth. But even those arguments are weak. You are correct that fallacies don't bind debaters, but they do bind the arguments people put forth. IF your arguments contain lots of fallacies to support your conclusions, then your conclusions will generally be wrong or weak.

    alright, well do as you wish. you can side with them, you can analyze or in your mind analyze and interpret anything you like. Ive entertained this long enough, and I wont continue because I foresee, I'll be the one that gets punished. So do what you want with what Ive said, it's all there unedited. I have school tomorrow and that is priority over this. You are free to agree with what you consider to be logic. All the best to you. youre right, theyre not passive agressive, they were aggressive. if you were thorough you wouldnt have just tried dissecting my responses but seen theirs too. but you sidetracked this long enough.

    If youre trying to get me to admit to something, It wont happen, I said what I said, and the reasons I said it. But I have to cover my self with saying I havent broken any terms of service.
  • ContrastContrast
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    People still debate with DarkPassenger in 2017? U guys are being baited.

    This the same dude who thinks BiS medals being sold for NX in reboot was a great idea.
  • RennnRennn
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    hayman wrote: »
    nexon nerfing drop gear to close the gap between rich and the poor. YEt not damage range and they remove the cap. so people can solo lucid and sell weapons for 360bil each. I believe they nerf it so we are forced to use nx cubes to get stronger. Clearly trying to find ways to milk us. But the more people plays the game naturally the game would generate more money. you losing a lot of customers and players this ways. how can we give good word of mouth about this game and attract more new players or returning players to this game. When you guys keep on nerfing everything to the extreme.

    The developers clearly only see this game in dollars and cents. Well, lets just look at where the dollars and cents into this game will go when all the non-whales just quit and the whales have no one to play with so they, too, quit.
  • RollsRolls
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    Contrast wrote: »
    People still debate with DarkPassenger in 2017? U guys are being baited.

    This the same dude who thinks BiS medals being sold for NX in reboot was a great idea.

    Debate with him is a complete waste of time and a distraction from meaningful conversation on any subject. He starts off rude and condescending, to incite an argument and stir up anger with his elitist attitude and his arrogant view of the community as uneducated whining reactionaries with no "worthy enough for me" basis to anything. Knock him off his high horse and he's suddenly the victim. Then he gets back on and repeats. An absolute trap.
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