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Give 2h weapons a 1h version, cash item or anvil.

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It's a small change, but I know that a lot of people hate having to always use a 2h weapon since it looks strange. An option to use a 1h looking weapon as an anvil would be great for classes who use 2h weapons (i.e. Wild Hunter's, Marksman, Dark Knight, Kaiser, etc)


2h weapon look


1h weapon look


  • inukiroyainukiroya
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    Can we have this vice versa too. I always wanted a 2hand pose for my daggers since it looks weird holding a death scythe with one hand while my name tag covers some of it also. And let katana cs equips be equippable by all classes too :( i want flaming katana
  • FennekinFennekin
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    Ha. I'm the opposite, like the guy above me.


    On the left is how I want to hold my bunny. On the right is how my character holds the bunny. It's good in its own way (face is completely visible), but I always loved how my marksman would hug his bunny like that... I always thought the way marksmen hug their crossbows in general was pretty cool. The small, lower leveled ones, that is. All the higher leveled ones seemed to be huge monstrosities that block out your face.

    Either way, it'd be nice if we could choose how we want to hold our weapon.
  • KlaraKlara
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