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[Reboot] [Updated x3] Sleepy


  • EtinexEtinex
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    Post: 1
    Character Name: TheKon420
    Level: 127
    Class: Luminous
    Short bio (Optional): Used to play maple on the European servers some years back, had two level 200+ characters and used to boss a lot. Quitted though as the game just was too p2w to be fun. Now I've been playing again on reboot for a few days
  • NinjaXBlastNinjaXBlast
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    Posts: 3
    edited June 2018
    Character Name: ZeroXKaze
    Level: 119 (but increasing very fast, not sure if 130 is strict or, you can allow a slight lower level) For example I am now 124 (30 mins after I originally posted).
    Class: Wind Archer
    Short bio (Optional): I Played religiously from 2008 until 2013, but quit due to school and all the friends quitting. But now I'm returning to reboot as I heard it was interesting, but I like to get that chatting and going on boss runs together with people vibe back.
    Discord Info (Optional but recommended): Don't have one, but can get one if desired.
  • MistarKebabMistarKebab
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    Post: 1
    Level: 174
    Class: Wind Archer
    Short bio (Optional): I have been playing maple on and off for quite a time but want to join again. I have never been in a real guild, just with my friends. I want to contribute to the guild with positive energy, help with stuff and hopefully get some help in return.
    Discord Info (Optional but recommended):
  • omegalul54omegalul54
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    Post: 1
    Level: 182
    Class: Demon Avenger
    Short bio (Optional): I've been playing on and off since before pirates got released. Looking for a guild to help with and receive help in return.
    Discord Info (Optional but recommended): qlex#4908
  • SonicallySuperiorSonicallySuperior
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    Posts: 2
    Character Name: SonicallyAce
    Level: 143
    Class: Hero
    Short bio: Really easy going and very approachable! Been looking for a guild for awhile now.
    Discord Info: CelestialDelta#2039
  • LukeKaponeLukeKapone
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    Posts: 2
    edited September 2018
    Character name: EPineapple
    Level: 197
    Class: Angelic Buster
    Short Bio: Returning player, been on reboot since it started. Love helping guild members with bossing. Always striving to improve. Senior in college irl.
    Discord: will post in guild chat
  • hyacahyaca
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    Posts: 73
    Character Name: BelleKawaii
    Short bio (Optional):First Char on Reboot
    Discord Info (Optional but recommended):will post in guild chat
  • RedzRedz
    Post: 1
    Character Name: RedzNeko
    Level: 179
    Class: Kaiser
    Short Bio: 17 year old player whos active on Maplestory, looking for some companions in the game to make it more fun, able to handle mature content
    (I know you said the req was 18y/o but hoping to join)
  • GhostDragonGhostDragon
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    edited August 2019
    Character Name: ShadowNyxXx
    Level: 108
    Class: Shadower
    Short Bio: Hi there! I'm also looking for decent guild that I want to join. My name is Grace, 22 years old and looking for people to hang out. and I'm disabled(deaf but can talk). Hard to find community that suits my need.
    Discord: GhostDragon#9267
  • DannySeriesDannySeries
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    edited August 2019
    Character Name: DannySeries
    Level: 95 for now
    really want people to Pq with im looking for getting all link skill characters to 70 at least .
  • GarranGarran
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    Character Name: Dzelion
    Level: 181
    Class: Kaiser (Main; I main him 'cause I love his aesthetic tbh)
    Bio: Hey there! I'm Dzel/Garran (Gay/20) I play MS amongst a couple other games when I ain't cuddling with my boyfriend, drawing, or working my evening job as a nurse aide. Knowing MS as one of those games that REALLY need a guild to be fully enjoyable, I started looking for one. The moment I saw LGBT friendly here I was interested, to be honest.
    Discord: Dzel Vulgata#3577