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Frustrated about the state of the game


  • chaoscauserchaoscauser
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    Now we have a pop up that comes up every single time you open the launcher no matter what.. and also it takes you to all games every single time.. It just gets worse logging in.

    Why can't it just remember the last region AN ACCOUNT logged in instead of being PC based. The change region button crashes the game so much and it's annoying swapping all the time.. I have 0 reason to log in my NA account using my EU one as I have no chars there.

    Some classes have ultra small inventories compared with other classes. Didn't classes used to get bigger inventories on job advancement? That doesn't seem to be a thing anymore. It's like my new characters don't have the same inventory size as my older ones. Especially with tots no longer giving out that free equip tab upgrade. In addition I feel like the storage is way to small. It would be good if we had a material storage or something .Tabs for each time of item maybe?

    The fact some quests can't be taken at a higher level like curbrocks revenge (Some of my characters don't have 4 rings yet)
  • Lucsean99Lucsean99
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    Ok the only aspect that has been destroy and yet not fixed yet.
    Crusader Codex/Monster book
    Solution? Was Monster Collection?
    Any idea when Nexon will look into that, which could reduce some pressure of their servers.

    Certain skills like Katana Booster are missing like 1 AP( Can't they adjust that easy error).
  • NeospectorNeospector
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    Lucsean99 wrote: »
    Certain skills like Katana Booster are missing like 1 AP( Can't they adjust that easy error).

    Not all classes are capable of maxing out all their skills. This is intentional.
  • BlueIndigoBlueIndigo
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    One phrase: bad developing team.

    You really wouldnt understand how games work if you dont have background basic or extensive knowledge on producing games. The problem leading to this simply is that nexons development team has bad coders who make bad scripts that go in circles and cant get things done. Coding is not easy but that is not to say that its too hard so you cant code right. If you work as a coder you are given the responsibility to code right. If you cant then dont code or you bring more problems to the table. Simple as that.

    Its been like 10 years and they cant get things fixed. Theres really nothing we can do because all we are doing is begging nexon to do it. They may be highly aware but they simply "dont know what to do". Unless they scrap the bad coders and hire a new team with basic knowledge in programming and can do it a lot better. You know I really dont know where they get their coders from maybe from the bottom pit of the sea or the junkyard. Programming is obviously essential to computers/networks in general and if you dont have a basic understanding in it you are going to mess up big time.

    Nexon may have one of the worst coders amongst all games they play because of extreme bugs and simple issues that arent solved for decades. Ive seen their scripts before and its garbage. There are plenty of coders even kids who took basic programming in school who can do better. Considering that this game has plenty of contents and a huge playerbase they need alot of staff members to help sustain it from collapsing. You cant support a tree well if there arent enough strong roots and that is nexons case. Ignoring players demands and not making feedbacks really shows that they could possibly have a tiny development team of maybe 3 person doing all the work but then again why support the game if your team is small. You either should scrap the game or increase your development team size. I Really think theres only 10 people working for coding the game based on the problems Ive seen that have not been solved. Why do that to your company and expose these long term problems to players?