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Why hasn't this been addressed yet. Cadena skills

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Shadowstep | Agent Steps (Passive)
Permanently increases Evade and Max Movement Speed through a combat maneuver only known to the Shadow Merchants.
Level 1: Evade +6%, Max Movement Speed +2
Level 10: Evade +15%, Max Movement Speed +20

This skill is still bugged and not giving any speed boost. Not sure why no one has brought this issue up or anyone reporting it. This should have been an easy fix and should have been fixed by now. It's bad enough she doesn't have any "haste" like skill but to bug out the only speed passive she gets just makes her much slower. Sure getting high speed isn't much of a problem but im only at 134% speed even with all my equips. This is mainly due to the evo rings and once I upgrade my rings I will lose that boost. Please fix this asap as it's silly to have a thief that's slow.


  • RexaarRexaar
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    Not a bug, the skill is only meant to increase maximum speed you can achieve, it is not suppose to add speed.
    Agent Shift: Permanently increase your evasion rate and movement speed’s upper limit using battle movement methods only Shadow Merchants can learn. (max level: 10)
    Level 10: 15% evasion rate, +20 maximum speed.

    When Cadena was released, the description didn't include "max", recent maintenance has fix the skill description by adding "max".