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AKradian – Mod Application


  • rizariza
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    riza wrote: »
    riza wrote: »

    Plagiarized whom exactly? I've read all the Mod applications and it's nothing like the others.
    And lied about what exactly?

    he went and said i plagiarized in mine which if i were to look at the applications his as well as mine looks identical to arwoo's as well as a few others who actually put effort in their application as i cited above. also saying im talking about bragging and praising myself i only said lets take time to appreciate some of the great things and what i bring which was my forum and trend he had a choice to go on or stay off. now most of what im saying is most shouldn't like they aren't human and act like they can't have faults or a perfectionist you must be able to improve and admit faults which he hasn't admitted to ever. difference with me from them is im able to improve and learn, and don't act like i never faulted or made mistakes we only human. he never presented any of that or empathy instead of trying to bring great vibes and trying to relate to those he dislikes he preferred to attack which is why i cannot support you can still support wont detour you but i won't. also im not doing it for my ego or for self interest im doing it to make maple great again.

    You understand that Arwoo's is a template and not an official application, Arwoo has no need to apply for VFM when he's already a CM. But I think that's enough of this, ultimately it's up to Arwoo to decide. Just don't try to stir things up on actual applications, if you have something to say in response to their comments, send them private message.

    hey like i said if you feel that way with me doing it you can also do the same to the others who done it to me i never stir anything up just stated facts. i presented it unlike most just like i said for you to judge someone you must first look at yourself and find out if you have the right to talk. i know that i don't start wars unless it comes to my front. i respect when respect is given i had seen it in the beginning of the process but now see there true colors so im only presenting. also you are right people should private message instead of bring the to forums.
    i feel a real vfm would have this which i definitely know and embodied and value most
    The second most important command is this: ‘Love your neighbor the same as you love yourself. These two commands are the most important.”
  • DarkPassengerDarkPassenger
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    Riza, you got the quotes all messed up, and with that, I'm out.
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