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xSlushie - Mod Application

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edited January 2018 in MapleStory VFM Application
In-Game Character Name: Nood
World: Reboot
Discord User Name: Ant#6390

A brief description of why I would like to become a VFM:

Like many others, I have invested into many hours of maplestory. I’ve been playing maplestory since 2010. I would like to become VFM in order to get closer to our community. I feel that our community is important for Maplestory to grow into something unique. Without this community Maplestory would not be the same. Maplestory may have changed for Reboot in recent patches, but most of the players end up adapting. It became very hard for new players to start Reboot and takes a bit longer for them to progress further. Becoming a VFM means holding up many of the playerbases expectations to reach out what the community feels to the GMs. I feel that communications towards our player base is key to understanding what issues is happening.

Do you have any experience moderating for other communities?

I was a GameSage back in 2011-2012 for AeriaGames for a game that was shutdown back then. As a gamesage I would help new players in game, whether it is answering questions or just simple things as help with dailies or boss runs. I did moderate the forums to some extent as well, but I was more helpful in game.

What do you hope to accomplish as a VFM?

As a VFM I would want to reach out towards our Maplestory community, to give suggestions of forums events, or new events we could have in game as well. Nothing out of the ordinary really. I would like to follow the rules and to have peacefully conversations with others about the game. I would love to get more involved in this Maplestory community and watch it grow into something unique.

- Must be in REBOOT or have a strong understanding of the server's unique setting
Been playing on Reboot on and off for a year or so. I am currently playing only Reboot.

- 18 Years or older.
Yes I am old enough. I am currently 24.

- Must be active and on the official MapleStory forums & Discord.
I wouldn’t say I am active on Maplestory forums, but I do check the forums quite often. I am always on Discord whether I am away or not. If people message me, I would always get back to them as soon as possible. As for Maplestory Official Discord, the chat can move so fast sometimes so it may be hard to catch what everyone is saying.

- No history of using exploits or illegitimate programs.
I believe I have no records of using exploits or 3rd party programs.

- Moderate and participate on the Maple community forums &Discord.
I would moderate and participate with the forums and discord when I am available.

- Be courteous and kind towards other forum members.
I am rather a quiet person, but I can very kind and generous to others. I would never go out of line to feed trolls or flamers on the forums. Always keep it simple and clean.

- Uphold the Forum Code of Conduct and enforce the rules fairly.
I am aware of the Forum Code of Conduct and I will try my best to enforce its rule equally towards forum members.

- Assist planning ideas for creative and fun contests.
I would love to be helpful in any way to plan ideas for creative contests and events for everyone.

- Provide a helping hand on community temperature reports.
I will try my best to resolve community issues in a proper manner. As these temperature reports, I will probably document them, which could be addressed later on in meetings if necessary.
- Must be levelheaded when addressing difficult situations.
I am usually calm and understanding towards difficult situations. Some situations can be unresolved, which is understandable.

- Must possess excellent written and communication skills.
I am capable of my writing and communication skills.

- Value providing constructive suggestions & feedback
Nobody is perfect, I can understand that. Taking constructive criticism, suggestions, and feedback is really necessary for me to grow as a person, especially in the field to being a VFM.

- Must not be a supporter of the Black Mage.
Black Mage?? Who that? I would never support the Black Mage. 
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