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Anyone else wish they could go back?

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Back to a better time of your life, one where your biggest obstacle was hitting the level cap on your newest MS character. Back when you didn't need to worry about the future, or how to sustain yourself, or what your future holds. Back to a time where even IF everything was crap, even if you didn't have friends, even if life seemed pointless, you knew you had a game like Maplestory to fall back on. As addictive and wrong as it sounds, I for one relied on Maplestory and similar games throughout my childhood. I would often be bullied, ridiculed, ostracized, or any variant of the three but at the end of the day I knew I had friends I could talk to on Maplestory. They didn't have to be meaningful chats, it could be as simple as what makes you happy, or what new event you were excited for. But nonetheless those small chats, those simple remarks, meant more to me than anything else at the time did. And now I'm left with the decision on what I should do in my life. I know it's unreasonable but I just want to go back to a time where I could live under the warm roof of my parents' house and game for hours on end. But I can't, that's life. I can't, you can't, and yearning for the impossible does nothing but breed regret, so don't. Don't wish to go back, be GLAD what happened did and learn from your experiences to prepare yourself for the future. I can tell you more than anyone that obsessively reminiscing over the past is not a healthy way to live. The more you think about it, the more you're prone to think about it; the less progress you make in the time you have NOW. Otherwise you'll find yourself reminiscing about the time you had time to reminisce; the cycle repeats. so uh anyway this rambling aside I'm thankful for my time in maplestory and I'm glad the community helped me when I needed it the most. From the bottom of my heart thank you, whether I knew you directly or not, the experiences I had in the game shaped me into the person I am today. (yes, even you, guy that said, "ur mum gey"). I really don't know what I made this for, but hey if even one person relates I'm happy I guess. Happy spring break if you're on it and best of luck in everyone's endeavors! :)


  • KamiNoBeniMizuKamiNoBeniMizu
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    NEIN! I like the future! And I look forward not having a bad past, so I prepare for the future always, so I can look back at my past and say "I done something good by preparing for the future in the past, so that my past is actually looking good!"

    Also, there's nothing wrong living with your parents until you're ready. Have any idea how many left too soon and had to return (not getting hired at jobs, bad roommates, loss of jobs can be disastrous for recent "independent" young folks)? Of course, that's a different story when the parents themselves "push" their children out. But they should check to see if everything is A-OK to begin with.

    Nobody wants to botch a satellite's launch into space, roght!? Nobody should want to botch a child's launch in life, then!

    Oh...! My analogies are so inspirational!
  • AcuteMapleSicknessAcuteMapleSickness
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    Welcome to the real world... I guess ?