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Hello, i'm new :D

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Hello people, i'm new in maplestory, i'm in Bera server, and i want to know some people that speak spanish :D.

Please let me know here on this post or whisper me at Eurinome :)

Thank you :D


  • InvulgoInvulgo
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    Welcome to MapleStory ^__^
  • KamiNoBeniMizuKamiNoBeniMizu
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    Welcome to your new home! Enjoy the stay!
  • BladeSoul69BladeSoul69
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    Hi New,

    I'm Blade :D
  • HolyWatersHolyWaters
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    Welcome! I hope you enjoy your time on Maplestory!
  • WrightJusticeWrightJustice
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    Hi, I'm old and new? Not played in ages, shocked to see all this new Nexon launcher and Maplestory just being one thing and needing to choose region. Downloading just now but I guess I'm starting fresh and just gonna have to see what works best.
    Last I remember was the Dark/Light guy soon coming out to EU but I had not played for some time before even that and just kind of caught wind if him really haha.
  • rizariza
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    well im not familiar with the Spanish speaking guilds but they do exist while i do speak some Spanish lol. most of my guild and allies spoke french spanish english and korean. its more of you looking around and finding the right ones i think imperia is one guild i think my friend yatoh in you should speak to them.