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Learning Kanna Skill Order

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I recently made and have been leveling a Kanna.
I'm currently level 165 or so on my Kanna and have been trying to find a guide or something that better explained the proper way of using Kanna skill at least in a type of rotation or order to better utilize her energy/mana.

I have mostly been using Shikigami Haunting when I need Energy/Mana, Spam my Vanquisher's Charm and Shikigami Charm through mobs. I also use her Ether Pulse to navigate around more quickly. I use her curse ability too to hit as many enemies as I can. I put out my Kishin in a populated platform to increase mob spawns. But my issue is there a more simplified way of laying out a skill rotation of sorts to understand when and what to use. I feel like there are some abilities I don't use or have on my bar because some people say they don't use them and don't find a reason to have them on the key binds. This is where I'm confused. So I wanted to know what abilities I should have on my key binds and when to use them properly.

I would appreciate any help/feedback to my question/request. :)


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    The usual setup is 2 Tengu Strike, Mana Balance, repeat, also use Full Map Attacks whenever.