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60% Shield M.Att or Wait for ICoGs?

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I have an untradable lv 120 shield on my main and was wondering if it was more worth it to buy up 60% shield M.Att scrolls for it or just wait for an event where I can buy ICoGs and use those instead.


  • RexaarRexaar
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    I only recommending scrolling the shield if it a Fearless shield (drops from Chief Priest at Shaolin Temple, 8 slots, 10-15 int) or Deismos shield (recipe drops from Empress Cygnus, 7 slots, 10 int) as they have the highest best stats out of majority of other shields.

    Using 60% shield for matt is much cheaper than using prime + protection and is good for getting damage early on. (30% spell trace is cheaper than 60% shield for matt)
    (at some point when you have so much %stat that 1 stat > 1 matt, prime/30% spell trace will be better)

    Using icog is a long term investment as it may take several events to get all the icog you need (especially if you intend to use return scroll to undo terrible luck), but will in the end provide more stats than with just all 60% shield for matt.
    (If you intend to make it stronger than prime scrolling (when 1 stat > 1 matt) , it will take even much more time and ridiculous amount of return scrolls and icog)

    (Just in case, you must first add matt onto the shield first before using icog so it can be able to add matt)