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What is your favorite Class you have played?


  • RenjiAsukaRenjiAsuka
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    edited September 2018
    So I have another class I been really enjoying, which is the Resistance's Battle Mage :D

    Though sadly so far, only 1 offensive attack is getting pretty boring :c

    I really like the Resistance's hero story lines the most in this game :D
  • thrakkesthrakkes
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    edited September 2018
    Hero here :P When i first started play in 2007, main it and still is my main. Changes from old time until now are great and i would have never thought Hero could have this much potential especially in GMS. Not just that, but i also like the fact we can be unpushable with Cry Valhalla (when it was Hero exclusive thing) and Impenetrable Skin, Worldreaver for quick i-frame every 20 sec and nice AoE skill, Combo Fury for some mobility. We also have Puncture and Shout for extra mobbing besides enraged Raging Blow with Enrage (bossing) and Cry Valhalla/Burning Soul Blade. Rush is also awesome.

    Not only we have highest and constant damage in GMS besides Hayato, but we will also get a strong burst 5th job skill in few months from now, seems broken i know lol. One thing I can be sure is I will have more chance to get closer to reach floor 200 in Dream Defender with this new 3rd 5th at 15-16m range clean including Lab legion blocks, also qualification for hard lucid phase 3. My best score in DD is floor 140 so far.