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KMS vs Black Mage - The Result


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    Come on every one admit it the only reason you play MapleStory is for that one lucky Marvel spin you get a Frenzy Totem and you double up and get a second Frenzy Totem.
    Then you decide you have the best luck of the day and you gamble your whole paycheck on Black Jack and lose all your money in a single hand.

    That's the MapleStory I know of.
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    Yakudle wrote: »
    I used to imagine it, like a final last stand against all commanders backing the black mage, one last time and every player is invited to the fight with no restrictions

    The black mage would summon them all and make them stronger "chaos" so you had to fight all of them one after another in chronological order, weakest to strongest or all at the same time considering it would be like a massive lag mess maybe is better to fight one after another

    Oh maybe a maple world war, I mean in the background all the people you help in maple world dealing with mobs and instructors and the masters of all classes helping out fighting as well in other words, a worldwide invasion thing where all mobs and bosses of their own areas spawn in towns and people fight them
    then after all the towns are safe everyone is called to sleepy-wood cause all the commanders are reunited there and slowly taking down one after another
    the party ends at balrog sanctuary where all fight the black mage and when he is about to die instead is eaten by a massive balrog and then the missing transcendent shows up to take over everything leading to a clash of two ridiculously powerful beings (spoiler balrog owns and becomes even more powerful) and that would end with
    an almost unbeatable boss, when defeated by all the players a cut scene, should play how it dies by everyone combined efforts then showing how everything is peace people and monsters helping each other ending with zooming out of a big maple tree as it turns into the last page of a book that is presumably being closed by your character that book being MapleStory
    A new version of town invasions could be interesting, depending on how the details were organized. Nice story!
    2600 wrote: »
    The Black Mage should've literately been impossible to kill which is a shame.
    Thinking about how powerful Pink Bean was originally, story wise I can imagine arriving at that possibility.