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Combination of throwing stars

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I would like to humbly present my idea for a new and exciting feature: The ability to combine difference sets of throwing stars (and lesser important "ammo items" used by other irrelevant classes).

By doing so, the appearance of the combined items would be combined to create a unique "new" throwing star.

The stats of the "new" throwing star could potentially be equal to the average of the att value of both stars used in the process.

Below, you will find some early concept art that I worked tirelessly on for days on end - a combination of balanced furies and magic throwing knives.



  • UpsilonGreenUpsilonGreen
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    I would like the idea of throwing many different stars at once in one attack, like throwing one ilby, then a steely, then tobi etc so you have lots of different stars being thrown in one skill.

    Combining them together as well is certainly nice, especially to see them being thrown though.