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Stupid things that needs fixing

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ffs, please just enable CRA in all channels. Why is it only enabled in ch 14-16? I'm dawn warrior and the server lag that causes delay issue with equinox cycle is ALWAYS THERE. There's literally 1 server channel where I don't get server lag and can draw full dpm of my character, but I can't run CRA in that channel. It's just absolute nonsense. Somebody please explain to me why they have CRA enabled in only 3 channels. Every other bosses can be run from any channel. Hell, why not just make private channel for CRA like Cygnus and Magnus? Like, am I really being a **** for asking for freedom to choose least laggiest channel to run my bosses on?


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    Rest In Peace
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    Its ok, when you're a dawn warrior and you play on the Bera server, you don't ever wanna play at all because you can't do **** :)