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Boss Crystal Limit

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Hello Maplers,

Collecting mesos is a big part of the game, especially in reboot. Killing bosses is one of these methods and selling the boss crystal of the specific boss. However you are limited to sell only 60 boss crystals each week. A limit which I hope after this suggestion gets increaseed to 100.

Currently if you do all daily bosses each day of the week (zakum, hilla, von leon, horntail, magnus, pb, ark, ra x4) and all weekly bosses (cygnus, hard magnus, lotus, damien, lucid, will) and in future with the black patch we get another 4 bosses. You can understand its very each to reach this limit.

11 daily bosses x 7 = 77
6 weeklies = 6
Total: = 83

This is calculated excluding the 4 new bosses with the black patch as well as any new future bosses. As you can see if you do all bosses, you get 23 boss crystals which you won't be able to sell and lose out mesos on. While you still like to do these bosses for the other drops or guild points they can give.




So hopefully we can raise the boss crystal limit we can sell to the npc.

With kind regards,



  • MiraMira
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    Yup, it's an arbitrarily stupid limit to have, and although you're almost always throwing out the RA/Zak ones that aren't worth much, it does add up over time. There's absolutely no reason there should be a limit on these crystals. =/
  • HHG1HHG1
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    I suggested this shortly after we got the change: http://forums.maplestory.nexon.net/discussion/17560/intense-power-crystal-sale-limit#latest

    Since then I've just added them to pet ignore and only loot the higher value ones. It's really unfortunate that Nexon doesn't understand how their own game works and what motivates players. The daily grind should pay off.
  • DarkanomalyDarkanomaly
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    Speaking about this topic with reference to reboot.

    In light of the recent "news" on kishin changes, it would be a good idea to work on boss crystals as an alternative form of meso income. It was originally meant to counteract the necessity of meso farming which is a huge part of end-game progression. Either increasing or even removing the limit would be a good place to start as their worth does not translate to the difficulty of many harder bosses.

    An example would be, for soloing hard magnus, you get a power crystal worth 48.6mil. While that is a fair amount, the level of funding required to solo hmag is nowhere near worth as little as 48.6 mil, and you get this amount assuming you are already at the point where you can solo him, on top of gear trading being off limits (However i am not harping on reboot's gear restrictions and other aspects as those where openly stated when the world was released and are the trade-off for a non-p2w world, i'm merely giving an example as to why their costs as well as limit should be taken into consideration).

    I don't think progression in Maplestory should be a cake-walk by any means, the whole point is to present a fun and enjoyable challenge for players to overcome whether it be solo or with friends/guild-mates. But i do believe players should be better rewarded for their consistency and time invested.

    We won't know what their (Nexon) thoughts are until they post them, but this area, in my opinion, would be a good place to start rather than creating an entirely new system to replace a possibly better current one.

    I hope i have not come off as rude or demanding in any way, this is simply my opinion on the subject.

    Happy Mapling!

  • FuhreakFuhreak
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    The limit never really bothers me, as I forget to run every single boss every single day, but it is a bit weird that it exists.
    One element that I could say for sure needs to be changed is how being in a party just splits the value up without actually increasing the total amount.
    This creates a weird setup where high level players that can solo bosses have no real reason to carry people or assist in killing bosses they can solo.
    Of course players should be rewarded for being able to solo a boss, but they shouldn't be punished so severely for helping their guild/friends.
  • WhiteLyonCWhiteLyonC
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    Its almost 2021 and never fixed this :eyes:
  • YinYangXYinYangX
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    WhiteLyonC wrote: »
    Its almost 2021 and never fixed this :eyes:

    Can't fix something that's technically not broken. >.>