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[Halloween] Let's Collect Ghosts!

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The description on the gms webpage is incorrect.

Frankenbalrogs give out EXP based on your level. The 10th and 20th gifts grant extra EXP!
Pumpkin Zombies give out mesos in amounts of 100 million, 500 million, and 1 billion mesos!
Halloween Pumpkins give out 3 Ghost Coins! The 10th gift gives out 15 Ghost Coins, and the 20th gift gives out 30 Ghost Coins!

It should be:

Frankenbalrog gives experience based on your level. Every 10th or 20th time you kill it 10 times, you’ll receive even more experience.
Pumpkin Zombie gives a random amount of mesos. Every 10th or 20th time you kill it 10 times, you’ll receive even more mesos.
Halloween Pumpkin gives 3 Ghost Coins. Every 10th time you kill it 10 times, you’ll receive 15 Ghost Coins. Every 20th time, you’ll receive 30 Ghost Coins.

from -> https://orangemushroom.net/2017/10/25/kms-ver-1-2-286-fox-valley-halloween/

Noted when my first redeem gave me a measly 70k mesos. Could be the case that 10th and 20th give random amounts of 100m->1bil, but it's definitely not per 10 kills.