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Black Mage Legion Application - Contest


  • ZasutiZasuti
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  • ZasutiZasuti
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    Darkness followed me. I’ve long lost track of the time I have since been buried. My bloodline fading within me. They told me I was inadequate. I would never become a Kaiser. Everyday I would visit the magnificent statue of my great-grandfather, hoping to gain some insight. I worked day and night, sharpening my strengths. I so desperately wanted to be the hero my great-grand father was. I held the most peerless mind to date, but my combat ability was lacking. In our race, strength was everything. No one remembered me. Only my brother knows where I am.

    No one expected I would one day contact the black plague. It was dark and sinister, seemingly to have a life of its own. There was no cure. All its targets met with an excruciating end. Victims that showed signs of early symptoms were immediately thrown into a furnace without verification. If the black plague were to spread, our race would become extinct.

    I was chased out by my own family, running for days before I encountered the secret base. No one dared to approach me because the plague was deadly. My skin gradually darkened and tarnished. I was stronger then all the previous victims, yet it was not enough. I could feel my own strength beginning to perish. My own mother would not come near me. They sent death row inmates along with poisoned food orchestrated by my father. They laughed at my sight. It did not last long though. Eerie inhumane screams soon filled the air, echoing within the bounds of the cave. No one escaped death within my proximity.

    I knew the food was toxic, but I could not stifle my hunger. They could not even serve me food that was not obsolete. As the poison seeped through my veins, I felt it unexpectedly shudder. The black plague revealed its presence. This venom was the saliva of the most dangerous snake born in Grandis, however, in front of the black plague the snake’s venom remained motionless. It could not go up against nature. The black plague swallowed it from existence. Soon after, there were no more visitors. I thought I would die alone, long forgotten. The smell of death engulfed the base, every second becoming much more apparent. The portal became dormant. It appeared to have been sealed from the outside. Meanwhile, the black plague continued to chip away at my soul. Only my mind endured. I do not know how much longer I could tolerate the pain.

    Numerous years passed when the portal suddenly came to life. I wondered if they had finally found a cure or decided to give me a proper burial. A group of stocky masked men appeared, reaching out for my body. I could tell they were of a different race. I had never seen them before. They covered my body in a white translucent bag, wrapping my legs and arms in chains. I was too weak to cry out much less fight back. They dragged me head first across the floor. After an extended period of darkness, I knew I was outside. I saw a faint outline in the distance. It was my brother. The horns were indistinguishable. He was the only one that could match the size of my horns. I heard him make the order to throw me into a pit. Before I could process what was happening, I felt like I was free falling for an eternity. My lips swelled into giant fat lips. When I woke up, I noticed my hp bar had 5% leftover. I could not tell if I was blessed or cursed.

    During all this time, I continued to struggle against the black plague, falling deeper within the planet. I could make out the cries of my ancestors at the surface. I did not know what was happening. I finally gave up resisting the black plague, after all, I ran out of hp potions. The dark energy bolted into my mind at the sudden opportunity. My mind running into madness. It had decided to take procession of my mind, but I did not allow it to do as it pleased. So much time has passed, I could sense the black plague gradually weaken. My mind absorbed the black plague along with all the resentment contained inside. I lost my empathy, but I managed to remain sane. I had finally conquered the black plague. The shadow of the black plague laid vibrant in the back of my eyes. All the victim’s experiences became a part of me. My chains fused with the wounds on my body. Leftover rags stuck to the wound in my eye. My blood now black and cold. A faint glow of darkness emitted from my body. The aura of death much more intimate at my fingertips. I could feel the black plague’s power surging within my body. I could finally move again.

    Inside the core, I discovered life. No one could stop me. Everything I got a hold of, withered to death. I felt nothing. The aura surrounding my body would transform allowing me to manipulate its body and force my prey into my hands. Following a countless killing spree, the energy from the black plague would spew out turning my surroundings into darkness. After I slain one of the commanders, the area surrounding my feet crumbled into black particles. Everything in the zone started to rot from the ground up. Its been five years of non-stop killing. Only the last remaining life stood before me. I will remember his words clearly, “Are you a member of the black m-” he asked. I closed in on his head before he could finish. There was not even a trace of his soul left.

    I remember hearing stories about the black mage when I was younger. I no longer have a family. I do not have anyone I hate or love. My fate lies with the black mage. I have decided to serve the black mage and carry out all his orders. I am coming for the surface. My name is Null because I have nothing. The maple world will soon learn of my existence and become nothing.
  • SharionStarSharionStar
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    Chapter 1: The criminal

    Growing up in Victoria Island, a young boy lost his parents when the terrible war against the forces of the Black Heaven took place. His parents were enlisted and they both passed away when their ship was struck down by an enemy proyectile.

    Homeless and lonely, the boy grew up as a lost cause, stealing goods and food to survive. It wasn't late before he got himself a reputation and was branded a criminal near Kerning City. He was skillful and quite hard to catch, however, the people of Kerning were tired of living in fear and decided to ask the Guild of Thieves to properly handle the situation

    The next day the criminal was caught and was given public shame in front of the whole town. "The Guild of Thieves never miss their duty." - The Dark Lord said and ordered the criminal to be taken into an underground cell for interrogation.

    Little is known about the punishment and torture he received, but during the time the young criminal was in prison he kept an idea in his heart: Weak people never get their way in this world... if I was stronger I wouldnt had been caught...if my parents would had been stronger they would still be alive...

    Chapter 2: The proposal and the fake oath

    "One night, in his cold lone cell the boy felt a calling. Words that spoke in his dreams... words of hatred and promises of power to never feel ashamed again...all by pledging his full obidience."

    Whatever happened that night, it was unclear for him, but he felt different. Stronger, and just by thinking he manipulared his own Shadow to create a clone.

    The guards alerted the Dark Lord, and soon the cell was filled with people holding their weapons against the boy, whom only looked amazed and confused at his new found abilities.

    "Stop" - commanded the Dark Lord ti the guards "Leave us"

    The nameless boy and the Dark Lord talked that peculiar night. The boy was offered a position in The Guild of Thieves

    The Dark Lord recognized that the Shadow Clone technique was a secret skill among the most skilled Night Lords. Intrigued by the boy abilities to use such advanced technique without any proper training made him earn a place for as long as he promised under an oath to protect Victoria Island and their Citizens.

    The boy saw this as a chance to get away from his prision and took the oath without being honest about it. That night the DarkLord gave the boy a name. "You will be known as SharionStar. I, trust you shall come handy to the Victoria Island, and The Guild of Thieves"

    Chapter 3: The blindness of the Guild of Thieves

    Years went by, SharionStar made himself a reputation for working hard. He joined a guild and made friends by cooperating with them. Even though he knew it was all a lie and that on that faithful night he lied when he took the oath, friendship and praise made him slowly accept he actually might be good in heart after all.

    SharionStar became the captain of his own team of Night Lords, he was now reknown for his assistance and hard work towards the alliance...however news of a calamity reached Victoria Island, as Damien striked against the World Tree.

    The guild of Thieves and the alliance had a disagreement on how to approach the situation, the Dark Lord claimed that his men could deal with Damien even before the Maple Heroes reached the World Tree itself.

    Unknown to the alliance or anyone and against Empress Cygnus orders, The Guild of Thieves sent SharionStar team to capture or kill Damien before he could accomplish his goals.

    As SharionStar's team reached Damien at the top of the World Tree, they were all masacrated. Damien was greater and more powerful than all of them. No one ever heard of this, however at the moment Damien's sword stroke SharionStar, something happened, and a vision with the similar voice he once heard in the prision years ago said:

    Weak people never get their way in this world... if you were stronger you would had never been caught. If you were stronger, your parents would still be alive, if you were more powerful you could have easily destroy Damien....

    In his last moments SharionStar had flashbacks of all his friends, situations he knew contributed nothing to his power, all he thought was that if instead of wasting helping others, protecting them and guiding them, he somehow would be stronger now...

    SharionStar was convinced that he needed no one by himself to flourish....to grow...to be more powerful and have his way. Before his conciousness dissapeared SharionStar said: "Give me power...I will give you whole self forever"

    The Black Mage didnt delay a second before teletransporting SharionStar to him. Healed his wounds, and even though no one couldnt see his face under the dark hood, The Black Mage was smiling and preparing his plans to use SharionStar to destroy the connection between the Explores of Victoria Island and the Alliance by using him as a double agent from within the alliance, and boycott their plans partially or entirely.

    Chapter 4: Commander of Shadows and betrayal

    Right after SharionStar woke up the Black Mage spoke to him, instructing him in the arts of Shadows, twisting and enchancing his abilities to even use Shadows to dispose of his oponents.

    SharionStar felt happy and warm everytime he heard the Black Mage commanding him, for it was the same voice he once heard back in prision.

    SharionStar knew he now could finally have things his way... for as long as he did as the Black Mage told. It didnt matter to him if it was his will or the Black Mage's. For as long as he valued this power over anything else he would always win. He needed no friends, no family, no guild. He hated Maple World for having inner conflicts and hated his former mentor the Dark Lord for being reckless to send his team to death, he hated himself for not being powerful enough to save his parents, friends....but now it was all a memory.

    SharionStar was briefly introduced to Commander Lucid, which simply helped him seal away all feelings, making him an empty tool to be used... just like the ninja he had always been.

    Soon, Commander SharionStar will be send back to Victoria Island with a false story on how he was the only obe from his team to be able to escape Damien, and continue to work from the Shadows until his time to betray his former guild, friends and the citizens of Victoria....


    ((OK so thats a lot of text, some parts might need adjustment, but this is what I have come up with))

    Why would the Black Mage want me?

    SharionStar thinks power as the ultimate law in this world, for as long as the Black Mage provide such power, SharionStar will serve without question in the most efficient manner. Also, the Black Mage could use SharionStar to shatter the diplomacy between the Explorers and the Aliiance and perhaps improve his chances to win.

    SharionStar skills:
    - it is well known the Alliance always sends groups of heroes to work together, SharionStar skills allow him to take over his opponent shadows thus making the fight more even for himself. The heroes of the alliance no only will have to fight SharionStar, but also their own shadow selves

    SharionStar is not camera shy! He always looks edgy and stylish no matter the angle the cameras show him

    I will do a terrific job as your commander oh great and wise Black Mage
  • AceOfNoneAceOfNone
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    I dream of ear piercing shrieking death and destruction paves my memories lanes.
    I can remember nothing but the fact that you existed within my life at one point in time but now no longer do. I have nightmares of the day I lost you every single time I close my eyes all I can relive in that darkness is pure hatred and anger. I can't believe that you had betrayed us to go to Empress Cygnus leaving us all here with the guards unable to do anything against the cygnus knights' new found powers. You gave away our position. You lead me on. YOU LEAD EVERYONE ON. YOU FILTHY TRAITOR!! that doesn't matter now...the next time I see that filth I'll have her body hanging from the doors of the temple. How dare she allow the knights to massacre our island and lay waste to everything on it.

    I wake up with my lowly servants hovering over me, their minds I took over years ago. Claiming the temple of time as my own was a fight in of itself, but I managed to come out on top. The time keepers were strong indeed but for time keepers they severely lacked in knowledge of the place I came from. The place I was born, the place you were born. Sometimes when I wake up I wish you could be beside my again, dear sister. I dream of when you and I were beings of destruction that only wanted to serve the black mage, but you abandoned me. Leaving our island to go and join the knights saying that you were called upon by the great Shinsoo.

    Pathetic, that's what you are dear sister. You are aware of my powers yet say my name to none, you don't dare speak of our origins but you speak of a false hood that bore witness to your betrayal.

    I was the conqueror that was said to take over leafre alongside your help but my growth has been stagnant and my progress slow, unable to properly reach the destiny that I...no that we set out on. I can't believe it.

    My mind control was half of what you had and but its still enough to take over the minds of these impudent fools that walk among these halls. Dodo, Lilynouch and Lyka all adhere to me now as their leader, I've seen countless members of your alliance walk through these halls only to be slain by these guardians that I have taken over, they are unaware that I lurk in the shadows following their moves and just waiting for the one strongest fighter to show his righteous face in front of me so that I may crush it...

    Yes I hear you train the potential wizards of the Cygnus knights but your fire power was half that of mine, dearest sister. You can run from your past and make it seem like you are pure of heart...but you can't from me.

    Dear Oz I will see you again, once the Black Mage introduces me to his dark and black hearted legion I will come for you...and the rest of your....soldiers and I will have all your heads served on a platter to the greatest mage that ever walked maple world.

    I hope you're ready...Sister.

    The temple of time has now become nothing but a false entity of what it was before, laying in soot and ash, magma overflowing from the road of oblivion harnessing its destructive power has amplified my powers ten fold. I see the destruction looming and I see the demise approaching. I can see you coming, and I await your orders...Black mage..Haha...Hahaaa....AHAHAAHAHAAAA...
  • TefraTefra
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    Hello, My name is Tefra Winterthorne.

    I believe that I am your best bet for commander.

    You want to know my backstory? Hmph. Why should I tell you? What have you done for me?

    I guess I can tell.

    My story starts long, long ago. Kinda like star wars. In this instance, you should probably know that I am over 6,000 years old. I am a vampyre with crimson hair and sea blue eyes. I have a scar spanning the length of my face, from hairline to my chin. I obtained this scar from my mother. She noticed my twin sister, Ardra, and I both had been born vampyres. She was a human, and her husband a human as well. Ardra didn't show any signs of vampyrism at this point, just myself. She tried to murder me, but my father caught her in the act. My father is a man of much elegance. As he stole my sister and I away from the small town we lived in, he raised us to be seclusive and not talk to anybody.

    After years of wandering around with my sister, we stumbled upon an Alchemist named Vidal. He taught us tons of Alchemy procedures as well as magical creations. That is how I managed to make my companion, Artemis. She is a solid jet black wolf with bright white eyes. Dont be alarmed, she only attacks on my command.

    After this my sister and I met a friend. His name was Nichi, and his brother Aj. They taught me my swordsman skills, and the ability to chop my enemies down with 1 swift movement. Even though my sister and I ended up killing them, it was nice that they took the time to teach us. I might have raised them from the dead, but that seemed like too much work to do.

    As a result of these years of training, I was able to over throw the kingdom my mother and father lived in. My sister became Queen ,while i reined over the land as her General.

    I am able to raise the dead to attack others, I am also very skilled at stealthily taking down my enemys. I probably have already infiltrated your command base without your knowledge.

    Also did I mention that I don't need this job? I just want it. So give it to me. I can already tell you I am your best canidate. Look at the rest of these losers.

    Thank you for listening to this boring story, I hope to hear when I start.
  • ZoroMomochiZoroMomochi
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    There was once hope in this world, now not so much. Everyone wants to be a Hero or someone well known. However, the light has been used too often for those undeserving of the spot light. Villains can be in the spot light as well, but they are infamously known for causing damage to the Maple World. The black mage is someone trying to change the world. There needs to be a new aeon, the Black Mage is also looking for a perfect world.

    I am not known in this world, I was born to be a tool, because I was just used and taken advantage of by everyone around me. My first love was only with me because I was able to protect her and help her complete quests. After she saw I was no longer of any use, she abandoned me. My parents were blacksmiths, they did not show any affections towards me. They told me I was born into this world because they needed a extra hand to help them work. Friends that were friends are not really friends. They just used me for their parties because of my skill. In the end, they used my skill to become more tanky and slain numerous party bosses in dungeons. They were the ones that took credit for defeating the bosses, while I remained unknown and in the shadow. During a raid with a party, I was used as a bait for taking first hit. Unfortunately, that first hit cost both of my eyes. The party abandoned me, and rendered me useless. Therefore, I swore to train alone and never in a party again. I strengthened myself in the El Nath mountains. I became the true " Dark Knight" . Why the true dark knight? The character I became was due to the fact I was training alone when El Nath had 31 days of night. During this time, there was no sunlight, and I became immersed into the darkness. My evil eye became of another being, and once again I was controlled by someone else. Except, this time it is by something that has always been by my side and it truly understands my feelings. My body became a vessel , all the scars and cuts became bonded together by darkness. The darkness grew stronger as I cut down my foes, whether it be villains or heroes. Soon the darkness within me became so strong, I merged with evil eye. Now, with my new found powers I am able to steal life force from any opponents. Simultaneously, my opponents will also dwell into the darkness because my spear of darkness will succumb them deeper into the darkness they already have. I am the True Dark knight, so I have no light within me. On the other hand, heroes that have fought me had both light and dark within them. I just made use of the darkness within them grew stronger. With every slash they took from my spear they fell deeper into despair . In the end, they have surrendered their soul to my evil eye. Thus, feeding the darkness within me.

    I am constantly looking for another challenger. If they are not strong enough to taste the darkness within me, they are not strong enough to live in the new world that is coming. I would like to pledge my loyalty to the Black Mage. Use me as you see fit. I wear be your spear to spread your decree to start the new world. Any challengers that stand in your way, shall be brought down by my spear.

    Steals Life Force
    Speed Increases in dark maps
    Regenerate body with Evil Eye infused
    Can alter shadows to bind down opponents
    Able to see in total Darkness. ( Evil eye is my eye)
    Shadows are like my extended body, I can feel every movement my opponent makes as long as there are shadows.

  • xxHorntailxxxxHorntailxx
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    Name: Vengevoid
    Character Name: Voidvenger (my ideal hair and eyes are Blue Tristan Hair and Constantly Curious Face, everything else that's Black and Blue version of my current character).
    Story: I lived through 2 different lives, two different demons. I was revived by the unknown and became a Demon Avenger. During both lives, I was tortured by cruel and cold humans, bullied all over the place, unable to sleep due to trauma...IT'S COMPLETELY UNBEARABLE. I used to be told that there's always peace every day but I was being lied to by filthy humans. I had literally everything taken away from me. Is there anything left? 8 years passed, rather just sitting down and being violent towards myself, I have decided to face destiny and destroy those who bring me down. I didn't care who I destroy, I just want satisfaction and pleasure of delivering karma. I'm willing to set the world on dark blue flames til there's nothing left.
    So Black Mage, we have a common enemy and goal of building a new world, and I will handle every aspect by your orders, not my instincts. Not a single past commander was able to destroy the entire world because of their own goals. I, on the only hand, will not have my selfish act stand in the way of your agenda. This is the will of the Black Mage and it shall be done. I fight for survival and for the Black Mage only. Your choice, my lord.
  • GalaktusGalaktus
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    Please delete. Updated version below
  • GrimdeGamingGrimdeGaming
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    I Sir Jiggle Slime Were, am a creature that few have seen. Those who survived my rage cower in dark alleys hiding from my magnificence. I bring sorrow and despair to all who get in my way. BY DAY I AM BUT A HUMBLE SLIME BUT BY NIGHT I AM WERESLIME DESTROYER OF NOOBS, BEAST OF VENGEANCE, BRING OF PAIN!!! MAAWHAHAHAHAH
  • ProjectRocketProjectRocket
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    It was on the remote island of Rien, where My father, mother and I lived for couple of years. there were rumors about a hero that helped sealing the black mage, and he would help Rien and the world, people believed that everything would be better when he comes back, although thieves and other criminals always roamed the island, and one night when my father told me to go hunting with my spear, I wasn't really good with the spear but my father wanted me to get better with it, I heard noises out from our backyard, but I didn't really thought of it as something big. our door opened, and 2 monsters busted in to our house, they seemed really pissed, but my father tried defending him self with every object he could have find in the house, he wasn't a big hero, nor a warrior, he worked as a miner, his job was to find the hero that was asleep for centuries. I started walking home, then I heard a scream, I was so frightened that something happened to my parents, I ran to the house , and I found both of them on the floor, they were dead. at that moment, I saw my life falling apart, I didn't know what to do, where to go, I was so mad that I couldn't help them, I was so weak. I still waited for the hero to wake up, and he would help the world,at least according to what my father said and what he believed in. after awhile they found the hero and when he woke up , I saw a weak, afraid person, I understood that he is not better than I am, how could this so called "Hero" be better than I am, if he is exactly the same as I am? my only hope was gone. At the same day at night, I went to Rien's quay, but before I boarded a ship to get out of the island, I heard a voice whispering "you're weak", I said pretty loudly, "what did you say? he said right after me, "You're weak, but I could help you"
    I started walking towards his voice, and he spoke about the heroes "Those heroes you have waited for have failed you, the people you have trusted have failed you, come, join my forces to achieve your vengeance", For a second it seemed like a bad idea, but after awhile I understood that he is right, if I can't trust the people that supposed to save the world, who can I trust? By accepting his offer, I got amount of power that even the hero called "Aran" wouldn't be able to achieve, I felt like, nothing would interfere my goals.
    My spear wasn't good, nor was, but with the power of the black mage, I could destroy a mountain with my spear, I could destroy those who destroyed my life, and show the heroes that we don't need them, they are nothing but Frauds, and on my journey I would end them.
    The black mage is strong enough to end anything in his path, and so am I, by recruiting me, he is making his army stronger, and better, we could take Rien in a split second, and the whole world would be next!
  • arikzarikz
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    arikz wrote: »
    Moderator note: Entry hidden pending review.

    am I allowed to have my entry back?
  • PeruvianskiePeruvianskie
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    Introduction (of Darkness)

    Hello there, Great Lord of the Absolute Darkness. Mine name is Doctor Dark, or the Doctor of Darkness, if thou that desirest. I have forgeth mine own path after rejecting all of mine past. No longer I am tied to bonds of family nor friendship, for those only held me back in the past. I am a free spirit now, willing to sacrifice anything and anyone just to become one with mine only desire: the absolute darkness. That's all what I care about and I shall send to eternal oblivion any who would dare to stand in mine path, even mine own heart, if needed.

    Tragic Backstory (with more darkness)

    Mine love towards darkness and gloom was born when I was a mere child. The first time I slept with the lights turneth off, I knew what mine destiny was. I starteth learning about the darkness, its meaning, its power, its layers. I should tell thee that it was absolutely enticing; I couldn't have enough of it. Sooner than later, mine obsession grew into mad devotion. Knowing that I couldn't physically become darkness like thee, Great Black Mage, I sacrificeth mine pet, Doggie the Doggo, in the darkest depths of Alcadno's research facilities, where none could hear her pain. After murdering her, I felt the darkness taking over mine heart and all mine emotions and feelings not-darkness-related fading into obscurity alongside my worthless animal. All I could see from then on was more darkness, breaking mine love shackles definitely, so I burneth my childhood home in Lith Harbour to the ground with everyone inside, even my little sister, who was only 4 years old and loved life and me. Once again, my darkness was even darker than before.

    Creation of mine personal brand
    I becameth "friends" with a dark sorcerer in the depths of Ludibrium, who shareth the same affection towards darkness as me. As a prove of our abyssal-dark bond, he entrusted me with a relic of his own creation, able to give me control over any person I wished, the Pocket Watch of Darkness. I testeth it on him and, just like he promised, let me give him any order mine darkness craved. So I forceth him to kill himself. Once again alone with mine darkness and with the power to make the world mine, I worketh on mine looks to be as edgy as possible. I reverse-tanned my skin, I implanted vampire teeth, purposedly stabbeth mine right eye to replace it with an artificial black one and got over 42 plastic surgeries to look as edgy as possible. As thanks to that kind doctor for helping me with mine new edgy look, I decided to wield the title of "Doctor" alongside the Darkness as mine official and copyrighted villain name, and then I murdered her and threw her body to Kerning City's Sewers.

    My personal motives to join thee (this is where it gets darker)
    All what I lacketh now was a role model of darkness. Fortunately, when I visited Edelstein during my nineth darkness pilgrimage, I learneth about your Black Wings and decided to join them. However, mine darkness told me to do so the dark way, so I forceth my way in thanks to my dark relic. Since I killeth countless rabbits in the process and threatened to turn a weird mad scientist holding a teddy bear into a stuffed animal with mine own hands, a woman of white hair, purple eyes and the darkest uniform I had ever gazed upon kicketh me out. Somehow, I couldn't take control of her in the slightest. Her darkness was even greater than mine. That's when I decideth it was time to abandon mine petty schemes and become a true envoy of the darkest darkness in all of the Dark Depths of the Arcane River, a.k.a. THINE darkness. Now that thou arest hiring new dark subordinates, I offer mine surgical body and tainteth soul to thine cause. Even a glimpse of thine absolute darkness is more than enough for me to throw mine own life away, so thou should consider me above anyone else.

    - Darkness
    - Dark places
    - Dark thoughts
    - Proper grammar
    - More darkness

    - Life
    - People
    - Light
    - People who live in the light
    - Despacito 1

    Main skills:
    - The Darkness is Me: I focus mine dark thoughts to increase mine Weapon Attack/Magic Attack +100 and Attack Speed 30%
    - I am the Darkness: I surround mineself with mine own darkness, making me immune to debuffs and increasing mine Weapon Defense/Magic Defense by 50%
    - Obey the Darkness: It lets me take control of up to 40 people at the same time (fails on bosses, elite mobs, Transcendents and people with higher darkness level).
    - Eye of the Darkest Abyss: I can possess another person's living corpse for a brief amount of time (fails on Transcendents and high-ranked bosses).
    - Cosmos Link: the darkness in the cosmos, who sees it all, let's me see through the eyes and read the thoughts of mine controlled victims.

    Previous Experience:
    - Murdering mine own family
    - Murdering at least 8 dark sorcerers
    - Stealing countless grocery stores
    - Taking a picture of Dark Lord in his p-js and posting it on Reddit
    - 10 years of experience in cheating at casinos
    - Infiltrating Omega Sector twice
    - Responsible for over 400 deaths in total, including flies killed on purpose
    - Mad dank memes making fun of Pink Bean for being
  • drymandryman
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    "Andy, you're back, where were you?"
    "It's been years! Come with me, we can show the whole world what you're made of!
    "Wait where are you going?
    Andy? ANDY!!!

    How many times have I had that same dream... I can never seem to forget about it. Andy... where did you go.

    It was 10 years ago when I first met him. I was a wandering mercenary, obsessed with strength. Back then there was nobody stronger than me, afraid of no one, heartless and cruel, the epitomy of the food chain, I was the Perfect Warrior.

    That was until I met Andy. For the first time in my life.....I lost. I didn't stand a chance, my pride had been crushed, all of my effort to get this strong had been for naught. I knew nothing of my past and family and had lost my goal in life, but Andy decided to take me in.

    There I met many others, some who I could say I even became friends with. Andy was the head warrior of the entire maple army, and the people I met were part of his personal squadron. Together with Andy and the entire army, We bested countless foes, conquered entire nations, and lived a life in luxury. Having seen Andy as he fought with all of us, I had rediscovered my reason for existence. I wished to become like Andy; loyal to his nation, caring towards his soldiers, and more than anything else, I wished to surpass him.

    There as Andy's right-hand man I trained to become stronger, I swung my sword until my arms collapsed, ran until my body dried out, and sweat until the ground was mud. All for the sole purpose of surpassing Andy. Time and time again I challenged him to fights and time and time again I lost. Even with everything I could muster he was always 1 step ahead. What was it that pushed him to become this strong? What was it that Andy went through in order to reach such a level? I felt as if my training was not getting me anywhere until 3 years after I met him, for the first time in over a hundred of our duels I managed to make his back touch the ground. I lost the duel yes, but I could finally see the limit to his seemingly limitless power. Throughout the next year I trained harder than ever and I managed to push Andy into a corner; that day I had almost surpassed him....and it was also the last day I had ever fought against him.

    During one of our missions we were ordered to take forcibly take down an underground syndicate called the Black Wings and capture their 6 executives where they secretly partook in the trade of stolen goods and slaves. Due to the difficulty of the mission only me and Andy were allowed to partake in this and our squadron was left nearby in case of an emergency. They were no match for the combined force of us and we easily captured all but a single executive, Francis the Puppeteer. I was given information on all the executives and their abilities and realized that we had been fooled. I left Andy to keep watch on the executives and I returned to the surface. There I saw another Andy, and a body, and another body, and another body, and I had instantly grasped the situation. I reeked of bloodlust; Francis fled immediately and I could not make it there in time to find him. Andy could feel my bloodlust all the way underground and he abandoned the hostages to see what had happened. I explained the situation to Andy and explained the situation to the squadron but could not convince them. We were both banded as traitors by our own men. Andy sensing my intent to kill asked that we both turn ourselves in. Trusting in Andy's judgement I did as he said. The Black Wing's had escaped, but that was not of importance. With only me as Andy's witness, I couldn't do anything to prevent the actions to come. The King, sentenced Andy to death and me to 10 years in prison. Andy pleaded with me that I don't do anything to harm the ones who viewed him as a traitor. Believing in Andy's words to the bitter end, I watched as he wholeheartedly accepted his own death maintaining his loyalty to the nation as he gave his last breath.

    A year passes...
    While in jail and even to this current day I still could not fathom the decision that Andy made. Why would he maintain loyalty to the nation that betrayed him? Why did he tell me to stop? I reeked of vengeance that night. Andy did it out of the good in his heart, he didn't want to cause trouble for the rest of the nation even if it was not his fault. He did what he thought would be best for everyone........except me.
    "Do you know how it feels Andy?"
    I had it. I went on a rampage that night.
    I escaped the prison and killed every soldier in sight along with my squad and the King. My already blood-stained hands were now drenched. I fled the nation to continue working as a mercenary. Over the course of the next 2 years I tracked down the Black Wings and annihilated all of them and took my time especially with Francis. Now I had nothing left to do. I remained feared as the strongest being in the world. Too indecisive to end my life, I continued to train every day and had many monologues and dreams about Andy every day.

    "Oh Andy, the world knows nothing of your strength. I have yet to find a single soul who can even dream of matching you. I could never beat you at anything and the moment I come close you go and disappear on me, I never got the chance to prove myself to you. Now no matter how hard I train I'll never be able to surpass you. But that's okay, because there will never exist a being who can do that either. That's too bad, we'll never be able to show the world what true strength really is. Andy, the only person in this world I have ever admired, where did you go?

    I continued to repeat these lines and variations of it in my head over and over again, year after year until Andy became this sort of invincible incarnation of power in my head and I had tried to convince myself that Andy had simply disappeared. For reasons I don't even know myself I still chased this imaginary incarnation of power and continued my training to somehow surpass him one day. I knew it was futile but I could not accept the way I was now nor could I ever.

    3 years pass which now leads into the current date and by now I may have already long surpassed Andy as well with everyone else in the world but I still can never accept the fact. Still indecisive of my future hoping for one day where Andy will come back and now I'm left with an interesting opportunity.

    "The Black Mage huh. Well he sure wouldn't be able to do that with Andy around. But since he isn't why not. If there's one last I can do with my life It's to prove that Andy was truly the best. "
    "Andy...I'm sorry that my ability lacks so much compared to yours. As for me I have reached my limit. I don't know who this black mage is but there is no one in the world who can best you"
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    What is my name? I don't remember... All I know is that I hate this world, and would love to see this world burn up in flames and chaos. To put the world what I've been through is my dream, my desire, and my destiny. This world is scum. This world destroyed my dreams, my hope, my girl, my future, it took everything from me, now I will take everything from it. If it means to join the evil of all evil, then so be it. I will join and make this world PAY FOR WHAT IT HAS DONE TO ME!

    I will tell you my story.
    It's been a long time, I have lost track, but I will always remember the incident. I was a simple farmer enjoying my life with my family. My wife, Esther, my daughter, Alice, and my son, Hye Jong. As I was tending the farm, my wife and kids were murdered. It was done by no other then by my best friend, Simon. Feeling betrayed, I cried out. I cried out in anger, in sadness, the fact that my best friend has betrayed me has made me realized that the world is cruel, unforgiving, ungrateful, and ugly. After my parents disowned me, my wife and kids, who was my world, were now gone. It was then I would get my revenge on the world by destroying it by any means necessary. No matter who it is, even if it's the Black Mage, I will do anything to kill the world. I will give my morals, my sanity, my life to see this world burn. I set out on my adventure to find this Black Mage, only to find the Black Mage has been sealed by these "heroes". These "heroes" has destroyed my chance to rid of the world. I shall wait patiently, because he was only sealed, and seals always break. No matter how strong it is, seals will always break with time and effort. Everyone will feel what it is like to have your loved ones taken away from you... They will feel the pain, they will cry, they will scream, and they will die.

    I specialize in using anger and hatred to strengthen my attacks. The more anger I have, the faster, the stronger, the more deadly my attacks become. Of course, it's not only attack it raises. It raises my defense, my speed, my intelligence, it boosts everything. It's not only my own hatred that strengthens it, but the hatred and the anger of other people, makes my skills deadly and reliable. I store these anger, to use in the near future.

    Of course, I am trained in the martial arts, like muay thai, and kendo. I mastered every martial arts known to man. In hopes to destroy this world with its own creation.
    I am vert versatile, due to my experience of living in this world. I can extract any information you need through the form of torture. I can formulate your battle plans, I can kill.

    - Killed Simon slowly and painfully. Cause of death? Not to sure, too many to count.
    - Went on to kill his family and his friends in front of him. Watching him scream from terror and sadness brings music to my ears.
    - Been on the run for 500 years. Wanted by police, FBI, CIA, for murdering hundreds of families.
    - Fought 100 mages, and won easily.
    - Fought a whole army of 30,000 and won.
    - Fought for a whole night without a single break, not stopping until every soldier stopped breathing.

    I am the only one fit for the job. I am determined, I am strong. I am not afraid to kill those that gets in my way of destroying this world even if it is my comrades. Feelings are useless, love is nonexistent, those that can feel love, are only lying to themselves. Only hatred can get you anywhere. Hatred makes you strong, hatred makes you know what reality is. Reality is harsh

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    Name: Cerberus/Jasper C. Tredor

    Commander Name: Maw of Eternal Suffering

    Symbol: Three Headed Dog

    Perks: I can devour everything and anything. My jaws are supernaturally pliable and strong, and there’s a portal in my gut that’s directly linked to my much more vast body. Wanna see? Hehheheh. Maybe you'd rather see me suck this village into me. I understand. Moving on, since I’ve got a personal gateway to the lands of eternal punishment inside of me, this means I come with a legion of prisoners from the other realm, monsters and other horrible forces at my disposal. Not bad, right? You could also say I’m good storage space. Since I'm connected to my old body, I can project a metaphysical manifistation of itself into the physical world when I want. I wonder how you're face would look having the claws of Cerberus smashing down on top of you....Or better yet, clamped between his fangs.... Let’s not forget to mention that I also come with a good public face and political standing! You could use more of that in your...eh.....less than loveable team. I’d make for an awesome two part boss fight, too--from the outside and the inside.

    Dashing Looks and Charming Personality: Although I’m a bit overweight, I’ve got a handsome face, smooth dark skin, striking sage green eyes, strong jaw and a thick curly mane of long golden hair that spills down my back. I rock a black top hat, black velvet coat adorned with gold teeth embroidery and sport more leather belts than what’s necessary, so I’m just as classic as I am edgy. I don't miss the opportunity to deck my many rings and earrings with gems. My brooch is a cerberus flashing his many rows of pearly whites at you--he’s grinning though, don’t worry~ Furthermore, my own smile is killer both literally and figuratively. When I’m not being driven insane by the agonies of hell and maddening hunger, performing acts of debauchery behind the scenes or devouring people, I’m jovial and charming with a good sense of humor. If only this grotesque aura wasn't becoming more apparent...it's been making people a bit...eh...unnerved.

    Experience: Let's see...committing treason against the celestial beings for whom I guarded their interdimensional gates by opening said gates to evil forces; corrupting said celestial beings, abusing my power, torturing my inmates for centuries, devouring my servants, nearby citizens, and property; being an overall corrupt politician....I've been around the block.

    Reason for Becoming and Remaining Loyal: I’M DESPERATE.

    Tragic Backstory:

    Three voices.
    Three voices screaming all at once.
    That their hunger is neeeeever ever ever ever ending.
    A desire that can NEVER be fulfilled.
    I get it.
    I know it.
    Save me! Help me! Where am I? Get me out of here!
    Screeching and howling and barking and whining through my entire body like the horrible, pitiful, gigantic three headed monster they are, from that other realm who’s gateway is nestled deep in my gut.
    Sulfur and bile burn at my nose, even when there’s a sweet fragrance set right in front of my face.
    It makes me WANT TO-

    Woops. Forgive me, forgive me. Haha~Would you look at that? I’m digressing before I’ve even said anything. Annnyway, let’s start from the beginning. This is the story of two unfortunate individuals not asking to swap lives with each other one fateful evening, but were forced to all the same. The more simpler of the pair to describe was a pudgy, pretty haired, spoiled brat who went by the name of Jasper C. Tredor; born into one of the wealthiest families in Maple World and heir to the entire fortune. He was a smug, ungrateful snit who expected everything be handed to him and had his rich mommy dearest and daddy dearest wrapped around his plump little finger. You know the type.

    The second is, of course, the more difficult one describe, but, ah, I’ll be sure to uncomplicate things for your reading pleasure. You see, before the swap, participant number two was undergoing eternal punishment for ancient crimes which we won't even get into right now. All that matters is that a once beautiful guardianof the celestial gates had committed great sins and was thrown into neverending damnation for them. His body warped into a giant, voracious monster of a mongrel with three heads--his mind divided between all three of them. Agony plagued him every waking, infinite second of his existence---constant confusion, a painful hunger that could would never stop---eyes, nose and skin leaking and burning with sulfur and acid... No matter how many of the lesser prisoners his three heads devoured and redevoured, the torture couldn’t be lessened. It only got worse. To top it all off, he was given multiple roles to play in this godforsaken place--not only was he to act as both a prisoner and punisher, but also a guard for a new gateway AND and the gate itself. His very mouths were the entrance to the deepest depths of the land of eternal suffering.

    One day, in another world, a powerful witch decided she’d do something ludacris, for a lack of better words, before vanishing without a trace. The Tredors were on some fancy vacation in some unimportant, lush countryside. Jasper had foolishly wandered off the property and was consequently lured into the witch's layer and held captive. A forbidden ritual ensued. The next morning, the child who returned to the frantic parents was not their son, even though his face was grinning up at them. It was me. In his body. Get this: that witch had pulled me out of my hell and put that rotten little rich kid in my place. HAHA! I explained to them exactly what I was, and then proceeded to lie to them, telling them that if they ever wanted their son back, they’d treat me like their own. And they did! Reluctantly--but they did! For the first few decades, all was great. I was free from an existence of eternal suffering. I lived the good life, nabbed myself a nifty political position, a wife (more specifically, she was an assasin sent out to kill me and wound up marrying me instead) had a well liked public facade and could act like a heathen all I wanted behind closed doors...everything was PERFECT. It cracked me up to think that in another dimension, that boy Jasper was going through the same misery that I had gone through for eons.

    But then...one day...I felt it. I don’t know why. I don’t know how. But for some reason, we connected. I felt it form deep in my gut. Even though I was in this human body, still in Maple World, that old, agonizing hunger overcame me. The insane howling of my former three heads. The pain. The confused and miserable cries from the true Jasper. The awful smells…Day by day it got worse and worse…. I couldn’t control myself any longer. Did this have something to do with that witch? Or something else, perhaps? Doesn’t matter. I couldn’t take it. Wait, why am I talking like this is all done and over with? It’s not over!



    Black Mage. Put a muzzle on me before I ruin my perfect life any more than I already have. You alone can quell my suffering. Keep that boy where he is and me where I am. I don't want to go back. I NEED SATIATION. END THIS TORMENT AND I’LL PLEDGE MY ALLEGIANCE TO YOU, GLADLY! And hey, if it turns out you want Maple World devoured? I’m your man. HA! I think I’d LOVE it if you asked that of me! You know you can, right? HAHAHAHA!
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    I was born with glass bones and paper skin. Every morning I break my legs, and every afternoon I break my arms. At night, I lie awake in agony until my heart attacks put me to sleep.

    Evil experience:
    Conning a couple of Class A suckeroonies into buying all my chocolate in 2002.
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    Name: Ergoth
    Age: At least 2000 years old.
    Place of Birth: Sharenian (Current Perion)
    - Immortality through the power of the Sharenian cursed Crystal
    - Knows ancient Sharenian Magic
    - Has the unique ability to harness the power of Crystals
    - Can embed the power of Crystals into any weapon making it more powerful. Due to this ability he can use any weapon he wants.
    - Can create monsters and embue them with Crystals to make them more powerful
    - Can make crystals grow around him

    Ergoth was the first mage of King Sharen the 3rd. King Sharen came in posession of the cursed crystal but could not control its power ultimately resulting in his death. After his death Ergoth continued to research the crystal using his unique abilities to manipulate crystals. In the end he managed to harness the crystals power and make himself immortal. However the death of the king left Sharenian unstable. Being unable to control the population the city was quickly abandoned and slowly started to fade away.
    The mage Ergoth took the crystal deep inside the Sharenian castle and deviced various traps to discourage anyone who came looking for it. At the end of the dungeon he created a monster which he named after himself as the final hurdle for anyone who dared to enter. Giving the monster a fake crystal he took the real one and sealed himself and the crystal away.

    Not too long ago a group of Black Wing treasure hunters looking for the crystal were exploring the ancient runes of Sharenian and undid the seal by accident. Setting Ergoth free in the current day. Ergoth went out of his sealed room for the first time in 2000 years and saw what was self of Sharenian. Being alone for over 2000 years does take a toll on one's mind. Ergoth came to the conclusion that it was the fault of the people that Sharenian was left in ruines and vowed to rebuild it one day and take revenge on the people that left his city to rot The current world had no place for Sharenian, so it had to be destoryed...

    Ergoth went back to Sharenian and started building an army of monsters and embued the monsters with his Crystals making them even more powerful.
    He also researched other places such as Orbis and the Nautilus who were also using the power of Crystals to generate light and power their Ships. Little did they know that this knowledge could be used again them at any time.

    Sharing the same goal as the black mage Ergoth could be the ultimate commander, he doesnt care if the world is destroyed for he cannot die anyway. Rebuilding this world is the only way to get back what was taken.

    Sorry for any spelling mistakes.
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    I went the more classic resume route.


    Forum text format:
    Maple World Deserter
    Home of the Missing Alchemist - Magatia, Sunset Road

    Meister Alchemy.
    Fluent in quest spelling errors, and bypassing the censorship filter.
    Able to write very hurtful comments on reddit.
    Acquiring large amounts of funds by asking gullible people in Henesys for meso.
    Microsoft Excel.


    Tot’s Know-How, online course - Pupil
    MAY 2014 - MAY 2014

    Complete education on all the inner workings of the Maple World.
    Ellinel Fairy Academy, North of Ellinia - Honorary Fairy Professor
    JUNE 2014 - JULY 2014

    Teaching kids to trust strangers.
    Red Tiger Dojo, Mu Lung - Red Tiger Student
    DECEMBER 2015 - JANUARY 2016

    Training my mind and body to withstand anything.
    Shinsoo International School, Seoul - Senpai
    MARCH 2016 - SEPTEMBER 2017

    Social engineering, manipulation, scenario preparation, and some light music.
    The Robin Hood Initiative - Executive

    Taking other people’s wealth and distributing it to the poor (myself).

    I have 186 medals for my various achievements, some of which the Black Mage may value for this position;
    White Mage Minion
    Bold Indifference
    Human Cushion
    Troubled Youth
    No Pain, No Gain
    Dynamic Hair
    Forever Single

    WHY ME?
    Despite my short experience in villainy, I strongly believe that I can provide a unique perspective on how to best thwart the plans of maplers who attempt to defeat you. So far I have been able to manipulate the power of the Gods to close down various areas of Maple World, which have caused much despair and weakness among the maplers.
    I was thrown into this world, and forced to handle many tasks that were well above my expertise and wasn’t awarded much meso, experience or honor for my hard work. I was often insulted. Especially by Cassandra.
    The fact that I have defeated all of your previous commanders should show my strength and determination to impress you. Please allow me to serve your noble cause.
    I have nothing else. I don’t want to go back to Beefy’s Food Truck and flip burgers.
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    "I want my world back."

    "Nowadays, I go by the name Toxin. As for my real name.. I already ditched it years ago."

    "I come from a small village, surrounded by mountains and hills, with farms and lands all around. we had absolutely no contact from the outside world. We had good homes, good food, everyone in the village knew each other, and we always helped the other in need."

    "I lived together with my mother and father. We were one big happy family. I remember always playing with my siblings and bonding together. I remember my father playing with me at noon, and teaching me how to take care of cows and beef, and how to grow food. I remember my mother, reading me bedtime stories at night, playing hide and seek with me.
    My mother was also expecting a baby. In a few days, I would become a big brother! We will have so much fun and we will do everything together!"

    "That would've been the case, if it wasn't for that incident."

    "My village was hit by a devastating hurricane. It left nothing. Our homes, our lands, our supplies, everything was gone. Dozens were injured. We would not be able to make it through the winter."

    "After a little while, a doctor came to our village. He said he will fix everything and restore the village back to what it was, on the condition that we would cooperate with his experiments. Without any other choice, we agreed."

    "We were all giving food and separate shelter. My parents and I were located at the center of the shelters, and the doctor has set his own laboratory a few miles away from the shelters. The doctor then took a group of villagers for his experiments, as promised, and we did not heard from them ever since. Some time went, and he took me into his experiments. strangely enough, he didn't take anyone else with me."

    "The room was covered in black flags with gears painted on them. He injected me with something, and then he sent me back without saying anything. Soon after I left the lab, I heard a loud explosion coming from the shelters. I ran as fast as I can, and after getting closer, I saw nothing but a green toxic cloud where the shelters used to be. without thinking, I entered the cloud and rushed to its center, where my parents are."

    "The toxic should've probably killed me in seconds, but it did not. But the moment I saw both my parents laying dead at the ground... maybe that what death felt like."

    "I scream and panicked, screaming and breathing like crazy. Everything went blurry and hazy. Every time I took another breath, the toxic cloud seemed to have rushed right towards me, faster and faster, more and more toxic."

    "Then, after everything went black, I woke up with a completely different look, and with my newfound abilities. I could intoxicate everything and anyone. I could destroy cities and crumble even the strongest and biggest materials to nothing but dust. But what good are these powers, even everything I know and love is now dead? This is not what I wanted."

    "I didn't recognized it back then, but those flags with gears on them at the lab.. These belonged to the Resistance, didn't they? They were the ones who took away everything I loved for their own selfish reasons. They were the ones who took my world away."

    "...And that's everything. I have these so called "toxic powers". I decided I want the Resistance and their allies turned to dust, and I decided I will bring back my family, and everything else they took away from me."

    "I will do anything you say."

    "I will do anything you ask."

    "Because I know, the great Black Mage could bring it all back, right?"