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Your Favorite Maple Goddess!


  • NeospectorNeospector
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    HousePet wrote: »
    I'm not even sure who the Maple Goddess is. The lore about gods seems very confused.

    The Goddess (AKA "Spirit") of Maple World is Sugar. She's the one you summon when you cast the skill Maple Warrior, and the one you speak to for the 5th job advancement. Her counterparts are Grandis (left) and Tynerum (right). They're spirits of the world, so they embody the world itself. These are the statues in the Alliance Outpost.

    They're separate from the Transcendents who maintain balance in each world by holding the powers of Life, Light, and Time. Transcendents can be gods (Rhinne, Alpha and Beta, Aeona), but are not necessarily gods (Alicia, White Mage, Darmoor).

    There are also several minor gods and goddesses (God of the Mountains, Minerva, the Great Spirit, etc). Those gods typically play a part in individual storylines (Korean Folk Town, Remnant of the Goddess, Mercedes' storyline, etc), not the main storyline.
  • DeadlingDeadling
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    Tynerum's Goddess is by far the hottest. But she is a goth, biased.
  • FuhreakFuhreak
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    Neospector wrote: »

    There's also the whole biz in the Heroes of Maple where they claim there used to be 365 gods who decided to create the transcendents. (iirc)
  • DarkPassengerDarkPassenger
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    the three statues look the same; only minute changes being wings and leaf etc
  • YinYangXYinYangX
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    the three statues look the same; only minute changes being wings and leaf etc

    True, but I think it's more fun to imagine it as factions or such by having the different statues represent the different goddesses.