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Allow exp coupons for 250-274


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    edited June 2019
    i will say no on 2x and i hope it wont change (alltho am sure it will get added in near future or some kind of special coupon 2x 250-275 only low duration for X9.99 $ ea )

    calling them "tryhard" or "no life" comes from jealous whales that are lazy and done nothing but use parents credit cards
    let last 25lvl be some kind of achievement that maplers are going to work and not just $$$ all the way

    alltho its hard to say this while there is bunch of broken things $$$...
    last few "end game" things should be excluded from whales if GMS wants stay healthy and somewhat keep meaning for casual-hard working players

    its shame in maple history to have eng game items from boss-pq's-quest before they even get killed-done or broken EXP $exclusive$ dungeons-coupons
    wont be forgotten... many did quit for such reasons or comeback just for hang
  • CrystalOraCrystalOra
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    I want 2x cards back as I have many characters to level and I want more than one to be over 250 eventually. Some of us work full time jobs and can't sit for days at a time leveling a character. I want to make the time I have count for more than a few % after hours of training.