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False ban Daffiehunter and others

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I was so pleased to see a maple announcement about false bans and issues with ban appeals.
My friend Daffiehunter got perma banned recently for being afk in vanishing town while she was preparing dinner for herself.
All of her appeals hit a dead end and she was told not to send in anymore tickets as that would result in even harsher punishment.
I am sincerely hoping this post means her account will be reinstated soon, as she is a long time legit player with great respect for the ToS.
I hope to see her ingame again soon as she deserves and i thank you in advance for this new development in improving customer service!


  • EmpiursEmpiurs
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    Daffiehunter and us are all from Broa originally.
    She's one of our KingdomHeroes guildies.
    We all go way back and we know she's legit player , so we were very surprised to hear about her perma ban.
    The notice gives us the feeling justice will be done soon.
    and Daffie will be returned to the game asap :)
  • AKradianAKradian
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    These forums are not the place to post ban appeals.
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