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Where to find Orihalcon Arbion gloves?

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edited November 2019 in General Chat
I'm looking for this glove. It's not craftable anymore, it's a level 35 thief glove.
Does anyone know where I can hunt it?
Outdated sites such as hiddenstreet and mapletip (and Nexon support which probably referred to said sites) redirected me to:
- "Helping fix Eos Tower" quest, no result (reward has changed)
- Jr. Wraith, no result (1 hour of farming with wolf + full drop gear, gave me hundreds of equips, no Arbion)
- Mama Monkey, no result (level 133 now, drops only 90+ gear)
- Mecateon, couldn't hunt (but level 176 now so most likely only high level gear)
- Zeta Gray, doesn't even exist anymore