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[CLOSED]Hoyoung Community Ranking Contest

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Hello Maplers!
Hoyoung is almost here!!! Are you excited?!?!?!?
As mentioned during our v209 Preview Livestream, we are holding a Community Ranking Contest for Hoyoung!

1. Be the first to reach level 250 on your Hoyoung character for either Reboot or non-Reboot.
- We will review the rankings on our Rankings Page when Hoyoung is added.

Winners: 1 for Reboot, 1 for non-Reboot
- Hoyoung Wall Scroll
- Social Shoutout
*Please reach out to me (Forums or Discord), if not we'll hunt you down :D

Submission Dates
December 4th - January 27th PST
*Contest will end when we have both winners already.



  • HHG1HHG1
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    Even more reason to revisit the existence of the "Both" ranking. Just saying...
  • GhibleeGhiblee
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    Congratulations to our two winners!
    Non-Reboot Worlds: Vinx of Luna
    Reboot World: xKajifoxy of EU Reboot

    We'll have a Social Shoutout for the winners towards the end of December and your prizes will be on their way early January!
    Thank you for reaching out to me through DMs afterward.
    I hope everyone enjoys playing on their Hoyoung characters and enjoy the upcoming Holidays!
  • rebuiltrebuilt
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    i've just seen this contest now and i think the wall scroll was such a cool prize!

    nice job guys