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Unfairly banned, please give this the time to read

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Dear everybody that has a warm heart to Maplestory,

Please allow me to do my story. Everything written here is written with full respect for the community and Nexon.
I don't want to provoke or insult Nexon in any way, it's my best intention to get heard to be more relieved.

I've been playing Maplestory for many years now. Due the merge from EMS to GMS I've been playing on Luna for the past few years.
I worked hard for my legion (4000+) with the ambition to raise it to 6000. My main is a 225 Pathfinder and I enjoy every day in Maplestory.
I wanted to start a sideproject, because I don't like to pay every month for cubes. Thus I started on Reboot.
Because I already teraburned a character on my account, I decided to make a new account. This way I can teraburn and start with some nice Root Abyss gear.

I created my new account and Kanna named: KlikLaminaat.
I trained to level 65ish by going: (momijigaoka>evil eyes> gold beach> drakes. At this point I used my Hyper Teleportrock to El Nath, to continue my journey hunting White Fangs.

While spawning in the map, I saw another Kanna and I immediately disconnected from the server. I was permanently banned.

Too bad, bummed. This was my night off, because I'm busy with work every day and in the evening I was really looking forward to playing the game the whole night.
However, I understand that Maplestory is fairly old and not everything works the way it should. So bugs are there, and that's fine.
I created a ticket to appeal.

After 4 days I received a response.

''Our records indicate this account was involved in a violation of our Terms of Use or Code of Conduct. This account was confirmed to be directly involved with farmer activities.''

I was absolutely shocked.
I've been playing for not even 3 hours, while using only my skills and items that I received and I was banned for farmer activities.
I didn't commit ''suicide'' on my Kanna and I have no intention of even playing that way.
I want to grind all my way up to 200. Join a nice guild, help me grow my character. Slowly farm through Vanishing Journey all my way up while leveling my link skills.

I created a second ticket. Not for my ban appeal, but to clarify ''what'' exactly the reason was behind farming and my permanent ban.
The reason why, is that I created a new character that same night to continue training. As level 65 is fairly low, this wasn't that big of a deal for me, only annoying.
However, after a few days I currently am level 196. I purchased some royal coupons for my face and hair, and got myself some nice permanent pets to grind mesos with.
I'm afraid that while being unfairly banned, how can I be sure and comfortable to continueing playing my Kanna and not lose all my hard progress that I will make the upcoming months?

I just received my answer on my second ticket. Nexon looked into it again (fairly quick as I received the answer within 30 minutes back). While not answering my questions, making a statement that they are 100% sure that I violated the rules.

My question is, how can I make sure, that I can contact any GM or employee that can look into this matter and tell me where this goes wrong.
I've been playing since I was a little kid until now. I love this game with WHOLE my heart. I own Maplestory merchandise, and I wish nothing but the best to this game.
I'll probably play it until it gets too old and the servers will go offline.

I want to make sure that Kanna isn't glitched, bugged or being unfairly banned in any way if I keep continueing my journey on Reboot.

Thank you so much for reading.
If posting this on the forum is not allowed. I am extremely sorry. Please take the post offline and I'll make a 3rd ticket in the customer support section.

Happy Mapling.
(sorry for my English as it's not my native langua ;)
Kind Regards,
A fellow Mapler.


  • HHG1HHG1
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    Word of advice; don't spam customer support with tickets about the same issue over and over. They'll just restrict you from sending tickets in the future.
  • AggraphineAggraphine
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    No one can help you with account issues here, least of all a ban. The most and best you'll get coming to the forums to talk about an account ban is a redirect to support.
  • Lucsean99Lucsean99
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    If you playing as Kanna in the future by all means recorded it live, so you have proof to BACK IT UP.
    https://www.facebook.com/LiveVeteranMapler/ I may end up doing a Kana run as well.
    I always cc if i see a bot in my channel if i'm farming just some advice lad.
  • SethPrimalSethPrimal
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    I have the same problem and no GM seems to want to thoroughly investigate the reason for my ban and they only say the same thing every time I send my tiket, "the account was found to be involved in an activity which violated our Terms of Use or Code of Conduct "a shame since I had 5k of legion and several strong characters
    as well as 5 years playing in reboor everything started by doing my diaries in RA and maybe because of the new android that gives buff +5 att do not mean that it caused the real reason for banning even though I mentioned the programs I had in second flat: MSI afterburner, antryx mizar EQ and radeon software.
    sorry for my english is not my native language